Winter Storm

It’s Friday and southern, tip of the mitt, of Michigan should start getting a pretty good snow storm this afternoon, and lasting into Monday with close to two (2) feet of snow. The weather is nowhere near as bad up here in the Keweenaw, as we’re not really getting the snow until Sunday, and then only 6-8 inches. I hope we don’t get any, which is possible, as the system keeps nudging southward.
With that being said, I’m thinking of a little trip around the Keweenaw Peninsula tomorrow, check out the shorelines and such. Sounds like it might be pretty windy Saturday with East winds up to 40 MPH, but that’s an off-shore wind for most the drive.
Anyway, sounds like an idea for the day, we’ll see, and better than just sitting around the house.

Stuff Around The House

I’ve been somewhat busy doing what I can outside around the house, prepping for spring (if it ever arrives) planting and gardening. There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but I’m cleaning up what I can in the few spots where the snow has melted.

I need to get out and away from the house though, and I think pretty soon. Eli is feeling back to normal, and I think Grizwald is to. I think Grizwald’s issue was, and still a little bit, with his back left foot, there is one nail that has been torn off pretty close and Eli has been tending to the bottom of the same foot. Anyway, I’m thinking Tuesday looks pretty good to head out to a couple waterfalls and rivers. The temps should be around 40°F with partly cloudy skies, so it sounds good.


Just as Eli is feeling back to normal, Grizwald isn’t. I’m not sure what is up with him. I know his back legs are getting weak with age, but he really doesn’t seem to be in pain, more like he afraid of something. This started a few days ago when we had quite a bit of snow sliding off the roof and making loud noises, but that hasn’t happened a day or so. I gave him a couple aspirin, but that has made no difference at all, that’s why I think he is afraid of something. The question is, what is he afraid of? He’s following me everywhere and always laying at my feet, also panting quite a bit, but these are all he’s signs of being afraid. Dammit it all.