Garage Packing

Trying to pack up the garage today, but it’s getting fucking hot out. It’s 84°F at 11:30 AM and climbing fast. I have the majority of the garage done, but probably the worst part still needs doing… the cleanup. I wish I had some other place to store everything so I had more room to clean and put boxes from inside out to the garage. When we moved here we did it in multiple trips, which in retrospect was much easier as there isn’t everything stacked up. Adding to this, I have zero help, either packing and the way it looks, moving. The packing I’m getting done, but the moving, I have no fucking clue what I’m going to do.

Update: Getting to fucking hot to do much more, it’s pushing 90°F now at 1:30 PM. I’m thinking I might mow the front and side lawns still today, they really need it and I don’t what the place I love to look bad.

Freaking Out

Well it didn’t last long. The feeling I had yesterday, a bit of being refreshed and ready to start anew, is gone and now I’m overwhelmed with being freaked out, freaked out about closing dates, moving dates, If I’ll have time, just about everything. I’m back to being shaky with my heart pounding and my left eye isn’t focusing correctly. I’m fucking freaking out.

Tried relaxing a bit by processing another photo from yesterday, but it didn’t work, but here it is anyway.

Update: Mowed the fenced area of the yard, it was getting too long. Also, it’s getting so fucking hot and humid again I can only pack stuff for a short time before I have to sit and cool a bit before getting back to it.

Papers Signed

Today I signed the loan documents, all 29 of them, for a new house. Now I just hope they can push them through in time, but pushing a mortgage through in just over a week is extremely rare, but I guess we’ll see. This coming weekend I’ll be packing up the garage, but for now, I’m taking tomorrow off to get out to the Keweenaw and clear my head a bit. I wanted to get out the past weekend, but it was too damn hot and tomorrow looks pretty good, though there might be some thunderstorms late in the day but I’ll be back by then.

Other news… Grizwald has been having a really hard day today. I know in my heart it’s time, but I just can’t do it yet.

Trying To Pack

I’m packing some today before the heat gets too much. It’s so hard most the time and I have to keep stopping due to breaking down and crying. It’s just so so hard.

On another note… I posted to Facebook the same message as the one prior to this. Not one person is able to help me move on that weekend. I’m also afraid that the weekend of the 18th is going to be too early for my mortgage, I feel I need one more week.

Calling All Able Bodied

Calling all able bodied.
As some of you know, most don’t, I’m moving and soon. I’m in need of people to help with the moving. The move isn’t far, only about 15 minutes away, but it’s the loading and unloading where I need the help. I know it’s quite a distance to travel for most just to work your ass off, but you’ll be able to see the beautiful Keweenaw Bay area.
The moving date is tentatively the weekend of August 18th. Message me if you’re interested in helping. I’ll be forever in your debt.
Damn I hate asking for help, just hate it.

Nowhere Fast

I feel like I’m getting nowhere packing, and fast. I hunt for boxes, can only find half of what I’m looking for and most the rest are thrown away or I just can’t find them. I’m still working on the stereo / TV things and getting very frustrated. I still have the whole rest of the fucking house to go yet, then after that I have the garage and everything outside. All that and I’m trying to deal with a mortgage and work.
I feel like I don’t know what’s up, what’s down, left, right, or any fucking thing at all.

Update as of 8:45 PM – I got most of my office/TV room packed, most, but not all. I’ve been on the phone with mortgage company until almost 8:30 PM, now I have to get an insurance quote and I have to go into L’Anse to get a photo ID tomorrow. Also tomorrow evening I have to go to the sellers house to get the purchase agreement revised. The mortgage company are going to try to get the mortgage done in 3 weeks or maybe less, but even that is too fucking late. I’m already burned out. I need to get away for a few hours to come back with a fresh start on the packing. I do think the rest should go faster, it fucking better. Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I’m hitting the sack early.

Signed It

I signed the purchase agreement this evening. My only fear is if the appraisal doesn’t go high enough.
Here’s a few photos of the inside around the kitchen and living area, also some of the out building, though there are a lot of boxes in the out building now due to them packing and cleaning up. There is a bar in the back left side and another room that use to be a kitchen behind the bar with two bathrooms to the right.
I wish I could be excited about this move…

Inside Out Building

Out Building Entrance

Back Yard

Dinning Area into Kitchen

Livingroom into Kitchen


Livingroom from front door