Continue Moving to Menge Creek

As soon as it gets a little light out, I need to empty the truck and head over to get another load, most likely my final load without help for the really heavy stuff.
Today is starting out on the warmish side with temps in the mid 50s. It rained over night, and the forecast is for more rain later today, maybe heavy rain.
So, I need to get the truck unloaded and loaded again before the rain starts up again. Also, I’m thinking, if possible, of returning the truck today and then going shopping. There are so many little things I need to pick up, including food. This ginormous refrigerator I have now is…Empty. I have some dry goods somewhere in a box, just don’t know where yet.
Also, the ex-owners will be by today to get most of their remaining stuff, some in the house, but mostly in the quonset.
We shall see how this day goes.


Well, 90% of my stuff is out of storage and into the house or out building. What is left will be taken care of Saturday when I have help for the really big and heavy things.
Weather wise, it looks like we could have some good storms tonight. Wish I had my weather station up and running now, it will soon though.

Moving Day – Day 1

Today starts out on the cool side again, with a temp in the mid to upper 30s and cloudy skies. The forecast is for some rain this afternoon, but we might be on the very northern edge of the rain, so if it does rain, it shouldn’t be much.
I start moving into the new house today. The main objective is to get as much done as possible to make a path in the storage building to enable me to get to my mattress and get it moved. The move “should” go much smoother and quicker than when I moved out and put everything in to the storage unit. There isn’t really any corners or stairs to haul things up and around. Also, I’ll have the large quonset to put stuff into until I’m ready.
Anyway, it looks to be a very busy few days.


Well, I’m in the new house!
It was a long hard day. First the day started out about 3 hours later than I wanted. Then the kid that was suppose to be helping me was completely worthless. Thankfully Ben came by to help with the mattress’. I figure it will take me a good full day, plus part of the next to get the rest of my stuff out of storage. The large couch, table saw and a couple other things will have to wait until this coming weekend when Ben can come back to help.
The boys are resting as it was real hard on them today also.

Campground – Day 37 (Last)

This will be the last full day here at the Baraga State Park. Finally! Tomorrow morning I leave and start moving into the new house.
Today starts out on the cool side again, around 35° with mostly cloudy skies. The forecast says it should be a pretty nice day with highs in the 50s and some sun.
If I get my packing and cleaning done, though there really isn’t much at all, I may go for that drive for some fall colors. I did end up going to Walmart in Houghton yesterday to pick up a couple cheap floor runners so Grizwald has something to walk on without slipping. I know I’ll need more floor coverings, but it will have to wait until I’m in there and know just what sizes I need.
With these cooler night temps we’ve been having, the colors around here should be just about at peak this coming weekend.

Well I did end up going out for a few. I took Pike Lake Road again knowing that the colors should be coming alive.

Pike Lake Rd
Pike Lake Pond
Edge of Pike Lake
Pike Lake
Pike Lake Pond
Pike Lake Rd
Clear Lake Access Rd

Garage Packing

Trying to pack up the garage today, but it’s getting fucking hot out. It’s 84°F at 11:30 AM and climbing fast. I have the majority of the garage done, but probably the worst part still needs doing… the cleanup. I wish I had some other place to store everything so I had more room to clean and put boxes from inside out to the garage. When we moved here we did it in multiple trips, which in retrospect was much easier as there isn’t everything stacked up. Adding to this, I have zero help, either packing and the way it looks, moving. The packing I’m getting done, but the moving, I have no fucking clue what I’m going to do.

Update: Getting to fucking hot to do much more, it’s pushing 90°F now at 1:30 PM. I’m thinking I might mow the front and side lawns still today, they really need it and I don’t what the place I love to look bad.

Freaking Out

Well it didn’t last long. The feeling I had yesterday, a bit of being refreshed and ready to start anew, is gone and now I’m overwhelmed with being freaked out, freaked out about closing dates, moving dates, If I’ll have time, just about everything. I’m back to being shaky with my heart pounding and my left eye isn’t focusing correctly. I’m fucking freaking out.

Tried relaxing a bit by processing another photo from yesterday, but it didn’t work, but here it is anyway.

Update: Mowed the fenced area of the yard, it was getting too long. Also, it’s getting so fucking hot and humid again I can only pack stuff for a short time before I have to sit and cool a bit before getting back to it.

Papers Signed

Today I signed the loan documents, all 29 of them, for a new house. Now I just hope they can push them through in time, but pushing a mortgage through in just over a week is extremely rare, but I guess we’ll see. This coming weekend I’ll be packing up the garage, but for now, I’m taking tomorrow off to get out to the Keweenaw and clear my head a bit. I wanted to get out the past weekend, but it was too damn hot and tomorrow looks pretty good, though there might be some thunderstorms late in the day but I’ll be back by then.

Other news… Grizwald has been having a really hard day today. I know in my heart it’s time, but I just can’t do it yet.

Trying To Pack

I’m packing some today before the heat gets too much. It’s so hard most the time and I have to keep stopping due to breaking down and crying. It’s just so so hard.

On another note… I posted to Facebook the same message as the one prior to this. Not one person is able to help me move on that weekend. I’m also afraid that the weekend of the 18th is going to be too early for my mortgage, I feel I need one more week.

Calling All Able Bodied

Calling all able bodied.
As some of you know, most don’t, I’m moving and soon. I’m in need of people to help with the moving. The move isn’t far, only about 15 minutes away, but it’s the loading and unloading where I need the help. I know it’s quite a distance to travel for most just to work your ass off, but you’ll be able to see the beautiful Keweenaw Bay area.
The moving date is tentatively the weekend of August 18th. Message me if you’re interested in helping. I’ll be forever in your debt.
Damn I hate asking for help, just hate it.