Campground – Day 35

The big cool down starts today. We have a forecast high of 50° today, but tomorrow only up to about 45°. The word snow is even mentioned in tonight’s forecast, just some flurries mixing in with the rain, but still it’s the first time. Also we have our first freeze warning for tonight. It must be autumn. With the colder nights, the autumn colors should really start popping.
Wish I could go out for a drive or something today as I have the day off from work, it’s a holiday. I can’t go really anywhere though, I have to wait for the final CD (Closing Disclosure) and other loan documents today and get them signed. Ah well, I’ll have plenty of time after moving first part of next week.

Campground – Day 34

A little cooler this early morning, in the low 40s with clear skies. I say early because once again, no sleep for me, I was up at 1:30 AM getting only a couple hours of sleep.
Still no word from the title company yesterday. I sent an email to my lender stating that both the sellers and myself need to close this Friday, tomorrow. I know that they contacted the title company asking for an update, they CC’d me the email they sent, but I didn’t see any answer. This is really fucking frustrating!


Finally! Finally the title company got the payoff amount. We now have a closing date for Monday.
I’ve been telling the boys that we’ll be in a house next week, this past month or so has been really tough on them.

Campground – Day 33

Autumn has set in it seems. Temp this morning is 46° and gloomy skies. This coming weekend the highs could struggle to get out of the 40s.
As of last night, still no word from the title company, it had better happen today.
I did hear from the sellers last night though with a question. They wanted to know if I would be interested in trading the double wall ovens for the refrigerator. The plan was that they were leaving the ovens and taking the fridge, but they changed their minds. Seeing I don’t need 3 ovens (1 in the stove and the 2 wall ovens) and I do need a fridge, I said yes. I’ll need to do something with the spot where the wall ovens are/were, but that’s fine.
So anyway, today will be just another day of waiting for the title company.

Campground – Day 32

Warm start today at 60° with light rain. Heavier rain and cooler temps are on the way for later today and through the weekend, mainly the cooler temps. I need to go get the propane tanks filled again today as I’ll be needing heat in the coming days.
Other than working and a gloomy day, I’ll be waiting for any sign that the title company received the info they need.


Well, I haven’t heard anything if the title company found out what the payoff of the sellers’ seller’s mortgage as of 4:30 PM. This is getting FUCKING RIDICULOUS. I need to make fucking plans for a truck, help, and other things.

Campground – Day 31

Once again, no sleep, only about 2 hours. Not sure what the problem is, maybe all the shit swirling in my head, or the complete lack of doing anything, I just don’t know. I do know one thing, if I don’t get some fucking sleep soon I’m doing to just drop.
It’s warmer this morning, in the low 50s with a forecast of party cloudy skies and highs in the low 70s. This looks like the last day for quite a while where we’ll reach 70°, as the temps drop back down to the 50s for the rest of the week.
I have to hunt/call around for different home owners insurance today. The fucktwats at Allstate don’t want to insure the out building. They say it doesn’t look in good shape and the guy I talked with said he thinks it looks like it should be torn down. What a fucking asshole! He has no fucking clue how great of shape it is in. Sure, it might need some paint, but other than that it’s in great shape. Allstate says they can’t exclude the building so they will be canceling my policy. Fucking assholes! I’m going to call a couple local places this morning. Oh, and the thing is, is they didn’t call to tell me until after 5:00 PM Friday. Again, Fucktwat Assholes!

I stressed myself out for nothing this morning. I called a local insurance office first thing this morning. Easy peasy insurance. Now the house and car are insured with a different company, and for quite a bit less money. I’m so use to doing everything online, I really didn’t think about calling local.
On another note… I talked the fees manager with my loan company and he’s going to remove a good chunk of the fees that are/would be due at closing.


Looks like I should be out of this campground Monday. We should be closing on Friday as long as the title company gets the info they need from the sellers’ sellers’ mortgage company. They need the payoff amount and their mortgage company is dragging their feet.
I agreed to stay here over the weekend so they can load up their Uhaul over the weekend. I guess they have something like 20 people coming over to help.
Now, I have to see if I can get anyone to help me move from the storage unit to the house. Most I can do, but the really heavy stuff I need help with.

Campground Day 30

A month, a whole fucking month I’ve been here. Time flies when you’re having fun…NOT.
Once again I was awake way too early, about 1:00 AM, but at least I was able to go back to sleep after a couple hours.
Today looks like a cool, drizzly and windy day, with temps in the high 40s and patchy drizzle. I was thinking of going for another drive, but it’s really gloomy out and can’t even see across the bay. We’ll see if it gets any better out. Other wise, maybe just watch a movie or two.

Did nothing today, with the exception of a nap. Maybe I’ll watch a movie this evening, I heard Hereditary is quite good.

Campground – Day 29

Awake at 1:30 AM with sharp pains in my head. It feels like a long needle being pushed through my brain. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, it’s not like anyone gives a shit anyway.
I saw on Facebook from NWS’s webcam the northern lights were out at about 12:30 AM, I went out and looked, nothing now.
It’s suppose to be a really nice day today, what to do? Oh, that’s right, not a fucking thing. Maybe go for a drive, I don’t know, maybe just sleep.


Well I did end up going for a drive today, and discovered new areas/lakes. I drove out Pike Lake Rd., followed that and turned on each side road that went to a lake. Pike Lake Rd. comes starts at M-38 and meanders to M-26 near Twin Lakes State Park. Once on M-26, I just headed back up to Houghton and then to the camper.
Fall colors are starting, but only in a few spots and areas. There was about 50-60% around Toivola, but most of the trip there was just spots here and there with color.
Anyway, it was good to get out, even if it was just for a little while. I need to do it more, it helps me forget all the shit that’s going on.
Following are photos from the drive.

The start of Pike Lake, sort of a swamp.
Pike Lake Panorama
Clear Lake. This was a really nice spot, high on a ridge over looking the lake.
Clear Lake
Sandy Lake
Emily Lake

Campground – Day 28

Not much to say, just waiting for any info on how the title company is coming along with the sellers’ shit.
This is a holiday for me at work, and I was thinking of going up along the Keweenaw shore to check out the waves, as the winds are blowing big time here with lots of lake effect rain showers. The problem is, I have to be available for a phone call, so I really can’t be gone. So fuck that, just like about everything else.


Turned out to be a beautiful evening with partly cloudy skies and a nice sunset. I was thinking of getting some photos of the bay, but I couldn’t be bothered to walking the few feet to the shore. My head is in a real funk again, and with no-one but my own head to talk to, it’s not getting any better.