Yepper, I’m taking a vacation from all the asshole customers. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3:00pm I will be off until Monday next week. Not a very long vacation, I don’t want to eat up all my time, but it sure will be welcome.

I had a guy the other day that was upset that he could get his photos developed right away, all the time he could see we had a tech in working on the developer. He was saying, “I spend hundreds of dollars here on dog food and always get lousy service.” I felt like telling him to stuff his dog food up his ass and go buy it somewhere else. Some, a lot, people are just plain assholes, and even that is being nice.

Don’t get me wrong though, not all are assholes, some of our customers can be great to talk with. Mainly the old timers, having lived here for 30+ years, that have been here for quite some time. Funny thing is, is that most the time they, the old timers, have the same view on the other people as I do. And also how wimpy so so many people living here are. For one, how wimpy they are towards the weather, summer and winter. We’ve been getting a bit of rain the past few weeks, not a big deal, and not very much rain at all, but they think that a few cloudy days with sprinkles of rain is really bad weather. Now comes winter. They think that 6 inches of snow is a snow storm. These asscheeseheads don’t have a clue what bad weather is, really. My guess is that most of these dickheads are from warm, sunny southern states. To me, the weather here is well, to be honest, quite boring. The sunny skies during winter are fabulous, and the amount of snow we get here has it’s good and bad. The bad is that I do miss that deep deep snow, the drifts, the blizzards. The good is that I don’t have to deal with much snow but once or twice a winter with over 6 inches.

Now that that is out of the way. 🙂

During my time off I’m heading down to the Kenai Peninsula and wander around. Basically, where I end up at the end of day is where I’ll be sleeping. Sounds good eh? Just me and the dogs. I bought a cheap tend incase I need it. I have my Gerry Can strapped to the roof of the Jeep just incase. The first night I plan on driving up into Hope then out on Palmer Creek Rd for the night. Next couple nights I’m not sure on, though I would like to head down to Homer for a day. The only real plans, besides the first night, I have is going to a party in Nikiski come Saturday. Then drive home on Sunday. Oh, and taking lots of photos of course.

Anyway, enough of my rant and now you know where I’m heading the end of this week.

Archangel Views 070710.02.1024

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The weather of late has been sort of crappy, overcast with bit of light rain here and there. Summer started out really nice, highs in the 70’s and at times in the 80’s with lots of sunny skies. All that has changed. For the past couple weeks cloudy with light rain as been the norm.

The funny thing about all this is what they call rain up here. Yesterday it rained a good part of the day, steady but light rain, nothing very hard at all. Now on the weather forecast last night they were calling it heavy rain with receiving 1/2 inch for the day. That is not what I would call heavy rain, not in the least. Heavy rain is getting 1 -2 inches in an hour, not 1/2 inch all day. The weather here, at least in the two years I’ve been here, has been quite uneventful, summer and winter, not what I’m use to anyway.

Yesterday I headed out to do some shopping, but on the way I headed out to Reflections Lake for a short walk.

Some photos from yesterday.


Fireweed 072010.01.1024

Fireweed 072010.04.1024

Fireweed 072010.05.1024

Fireweed 072010.06.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 072001.01.1024

View over the lake

Reflection Lake View 072010.01.1024

Reflection Lake View 072010.02.1024


Ducks 072010.01.1024

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Walk-a-About To Lane Hut

The day wasn’t the greatest weather wise, but I grabbed the dogs and headed out anyway. The weather report called for clearing this afternoon, so I thought I might try to hike up to Lane and Snowbird Glaciers. Both of these are a few miles hike past the end of Archangel Rd. We made it as far as Lane Hut, groups maintain these old mining huts for climbers to hunker down in incase of bad weather. I was just about cloud height. The skies never did clear, in fact, I got sort of cold and had to dig out the coat out of my backpack. Sure am glad I’ve started carrying my pack.

I hung out at Lane Hut for a while, eat lunch, hoping the skies would clear, then headed back.

On the way back I heard a splash in one of the many beaver ponds. Stopped, looked around, and sure enough, there were two beavers swimming around and diving at something, fish maybe.

Jan was going to be around the house today so I wanted to be sure to be out to give her some peace while she was here.


One of the beavers. I shot lots of photos of this guy swimming around and diving.

Beaver 071410.01.1024

Lane Hut. As you can see the clouds are hanging low up here.

Lane Hut 071410.01.1024

Waterfall on the way up. It doesn’t really show, but this fall is at least 20 tall.

Waterfall 071410.01.1024

A ground squirrel watching me up near the Hut.

ground squirrel 071410.01.1024

A view on the drive out.

Archangel Views 071410.01.1024

The road on the way back down.

Archangel Rd 071410.01.1024

Holboells Rockcress

Holboells Rockcress 071410.01.1024

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D-Day, as in Divorce Day.Yep, today is/was the day that we, Jan and I, went to the courthouse in Palmer to finalize our divorce. This was the final step in the process, although we are still legally married until the letter from the court arrives in the mail, our marriage has ended. Alaska has a pretty quick process in regards to this, it goes back a good number of years when women would come up here to marry some guy and find out later that, well, for one, he may not bathe but once a month or for some other reason he’s just not right for her, and then she, or he, can get a divorce quite quickly and get the hell out. This isn’t the case with us, it’s just, um, not working out.

I do feel that Jan and I will still be good friends, but it will take a bit of time for both of us, but I’m sure we will. Afterwards, after being in the courthouse that is, we talked for a few minutes, hugged, cried, and went on our way, me home and Jan back to work.

I’ll always be there for Jan, what ever it may be, I’ll be there, and I feel she’ll be the same for me. We are both going through some shit, but I wont go into that.

One more thing, I need a new damn keyboard! I spilt something on it quite some time ago and just can’t get the keys from sticking. Dammit!

Couple photos from last week in Archangel Valley that I haven’t taken the time to process.

Down Archangel 070710.02.1024

Mountain Creek 070710.02.1024

Archangel Views 070710.01.1024

Bud 070710.01.1024

’til next time

Do Nothing Day

Woke up this morning thinking I’d do a bit a grocery shopping then just stick around the house. That just didn’t happen. I headed out to do the shopping, but the weather was so nice I thought I’d take a “quick” trip down to the Palmer Hay Flats. Well after walking a path along Cottonwood Creek, I’ve never walked this trail before, for about an hour I realized I needed to head back and get the shopping done. So much for doing nothing, a 2 hour walk along a creek of nothing. I’ll be back to walk this further another time with the dogs.

After shopping I cleaned out the Jeep a bit, mostly just trash that needed to be tossed. I also sized up a mounting place on the roof for my Gerrycan, found a perfect tight spot next to the spare tire. I wanted to see if the Gerrycan could be mounted on the roof for my up coming trip of 5 days down to the Kenai Peninsula. I headed down there for a bit of a get-away July 28 – August 1. Really looking forward to this, I just hope I’ll have enough money, if not, I’ll have to cut it short by a couple days.

Some photos from the Hay Flats today.

Looking across the Flats with some Lenticular clouds.

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.01.1024

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.02.1024

Looks like it might be stormy Anchorage way.

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.03.1024

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 070810.01.1024

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 070810.02.1024

Fireweed and Northern Yarrow

Fireweed and Northern Yarrow 070810.01.1024

Squirreltail Grass

Squirreltail Grass 070810.01.1024

’til next time

A Wee Bit of a Walk-About

I had no plans for today, didn’t even know if I was going out or not. But, when I woke up, looked out the window, I knew I had to get out in the warm sun. Although the sun slowly faded behind the clouds as the day went on, it was still a great day to be outdoors. Aren’t they all?

We, the dogs and I, headed up the Archangel again, only this time I found a spot that looked nice and stopped, walked up a small hill and onto the tundra. No trails, no tracks, nothing but beauty surrounding me.

Weeeeee, just as I’m posting this we had a really nice earth quake. 🙂
A nice 5.25 Magnitude.

Some of the photos I took today.

Broken Peak.

Broken Peak 070710.01.1024

Broken Peak 070710.02.1024

Looking down Archangle Valley

Down Archangel 070710.01.1024

Looking up.

Up Archangel 070710.01.1024

A lone tree. There are no other trees of any size anywhere in sight.

Lone Tree 070710.01.1024

Lupine View

Lupine View 070710.01.1024

Small creek that the dogs enjoyed seeing.they needed a drink.

Small Creek 070710.01.1024

Some wild flowers

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty 070710.01.1024

Berry Blossoms

Berry Blossoms 070710.01.1024 

Not sure what this is.

Flowering Something 070710.01.1024 

Dandelion and Lupine

Dandelion and Lupine 070710.01.1024

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