More From Bullion Mountain Ridge

Just a few more photos from yesterday.

Couple views from the top.

Hike Views 070110.02.1024

Craigie Creek Valley is to the left side of the ridge and Willow Creek Valley to the Right.

Hike Views 070110.03.1024

Looking down to cloudy Craigie.

Craigie Creek Valley in the Clouds 070110.01.1024

Willow Creek Valley. Hatcher Pass is over on the left.

Willow Creek Valley 070110.01.1024

Bullion Mountain Ridge

Today I headed out to climb Bullion Mountain Ridge. And that I did! I started out around 9 this morning, took about an hour to get there, then climbed and explored for about 6 hours at around 4800 FT. Eek, I took 593 photos today. Now it’s time to sort out the good from the bad. Well, now I’m down to 113. 🙂

The day started out nice and sunny, but as I arrived at the Ridge, the fog and clouds were rolling through. As the day went on, it got nicer and nicer. Was a great day to be out for a hike.

I have so many photos to post that it’s going to take a few extra postings.

View from Fishhook Rd. on the way up to Hatcher Pass

View from Fishhook Rd. 070110.01.1024

Where I’m heading, Bullion Mountain Ridge.

Bullion Mountain Ridge 070110.01.1024

This was taken after I came back down.
This is the hiking path to the cabin. Then I hiked up further to the left along the ridge.

Heading UP 070110.01.1024

Almost to the cabin, in the fog.

Almost to the Cabin 070110.01.1024

Looking down in the fog.

Looking down in the Fog 070110.01.1024

The cabin, in fog.

Cabin in the Fog 070110.01.1024

My GPS show altitude.

GPS View 070110.01.1024 

GPS View 070110.02.1024

Eli enjoying the snow and view from the top.

Eli enjoying the snow 070110.01.1024

Couple views from inside the cabin.

Cabin View 070110.01.1024

Cabin View 070110.02.1024

A random view.

Hike Views 070110.01.1024

Some wild flowers.

Whorled Lousewort.I think.

Whorled Lousewort 070110.01.1024

Arctic Willow

Arctic Willow 070110.01.1024

Moss Campion

Moss Campion 070110.01.1024

Mountain Saxifrage

Mountain Saxifrage 070110.01.1024

Many more photos from this hike up Bullion Mountain, and the ones to come are some really great ones.

’til next time

Pretties ‘n Fungus

While taking the dogs out for a pee ‘n poop break I saw these little flowers. Then I came across this fungus/mushroom, it had to be close to a foot wide and about 8 inches tall.

Had the day off, but didn’t do a damn thing. In fact, I took a short nap, which is something I haven’t done in, well, I don’t remember when. Felt good!

Heard from a great friend from Michigan this morning. We talked for quite some time. Was great to here from him again. As bad as Michigan’s economy is right now, sounds like he and his family are doing well. Great to hear.

I also want to thank Eric for the call this morning. Thank You Eric. 🙂
And, Dawn, thank you for relaying my number around back in MI.

And, one more thing. I want to say hiya to all back at LTBB.

Tomorrow I  hope to get out with the dogs for a nice long hike.

Pink Pyrola – Arctic Wintergreen

Pink Pyrola - Arctic Wintergreen 063010.01.1024

Pink Pyrola - Arctic Wintergreen 063010.02.1024

Dwarf Dogwood

Dwarf Dogwood 063010.01.1024


Twinflower 063010.01.1024

And now the Fungus
Birch Bolete – Mushroom

Birch Bolete - Mushroom 063010.01.1024

’til next time

Lazy Day, I Guess

Not doing much of anything today. This may be the first day that I have had off so far this summer that it has been completely overcast with clouds, and low hanging clouds at that. This suits  me just fine, haven’t had a day to just hang around in ages. Maddie is at her BF’s, and Jan is, well, I don’t know, out, so, it’s just me a the dogs. That seems to be the norm now. At least I have the dogs. And my photos give me something to do.

I’m having a tough time. Just not sure what to do.

Made a pot of chili a few hours ago, just don’t feel like eating.

Here are a few more photos from yesterday.

Hike Views 062510.08.1024

Mountain Creek 062510.03.1024

Hike Views 062510.07.1024

BTW .  The new Ozzy Osbourne, Scream, album ROCKS!


First Climb of The Year

Headed up to Hatcher Pass with the dogs today, hmm, no one else to go with I guess, mainly to see if it was open yet. Yes it is! Drove up to Summit Lake, and low and behold, no one was there, Yay. I have always driven by due to way too many people around the lake. So anyway, we jumped out of the Jeep, well mostly the dogs did the jumping, and took a nice walk around the lake. It’s really no big deal, very pretty, but I doubt I’ll stop again.

After walking around Summit Lake I headed back down the Pass to park at a spot I’ve been to a few times. This area is right at the entrance to Hatcher Pass proper. There is a nice steep ridge to the side that I have climbed about half way before. This time I made it to the top, and what a great place that is. Once on top of the ridge it flattens out a bit making for some really nice walking, and the views are amazing. I could have gone up even further, but I wasn’t prepared for a hike to that extent. After taking it all in for a while it was time to head home.

Looking down at Hatcher Pass Lodge

Lookin down at hatcher pass lodge 062510.01.1024

View from the climb

Hike Views 062510.01.1024


Hike Views 062510.03.1024

Hike Views 062510.04.1024

Hike Views 062510.05.1024

One the climb up. Hatcher Pass Lodge and Road

On the way up 062510.01.1024

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek 062510.01.1024

Mountain Creek 062510.02.1024

Ross Avens

Ross Avens 062510.01.1024

’til next time
Ed ‘n da Dogs

‘tis My Weekend

I don’t work a 9-5 job, nor do I work Monday – Friday. For some time now I’ve had regular days, my weekend, off on Friday and Saturday with hours of 11am – 8pm except on Tuesday when I’m in at 6am to 3pm. My hours are changing a bit starting next week, with times of 10am – 7pm, keeping the 6am on Tuesdays, with Wednesday and Thursday off. I like this better! This allows me to have two good days out and about without the crowds of the mainstream weekend assholes out. Again, ’tis a good change for me.

Other news.I just don’t know.

Photo from my drive into work the other day

Drive to work 062010.01.1024