The Deer don’t seem to be out this evening, but the Bald Eagles are.
Watching out the window, we saw a couple Eagles fly and land in a tree, then there were two more flying by. They all few off to other trees too far to get good photos of, all but one. This one eagle landed in the field and started munching on something. I waited and waited for him to fly again. No dice. So what did I do? Stalk. I walked out in the field watching for his head to pop up. As his would rise, I’d stop waiting for him to start eating again and take a few more steps. This only last a few stop and go’s until he thought I was too close and flew off.

Bald Eagle 041713.01.1024

Bald Eagle 041713.02.1024

Bald Eagle 041713.03.1024

Bald Eagle 041713.04.1024

Bald Eagle 041713.05.1024

Bald Eagle 041713.06.1024

Wolf on Keweenaw Point

I haven’t posted these before, so here they are.

We were setting along the shore enjoying the wonderful view near the rocket launch site at the very tip on the Keweenaw Peninsula. I thought it would be a good time to get moving, but as I stood up, something caught the corner of my eye. Looking across a small bay I saw it…a wolf. Thoughts were running through my head, photos, gather the dogs, shit, photos, gather the dogs, shit. We were able to get the dogs on their lead’s and I started firing shots off with the camera.

 Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.01.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.02.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.03.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.04.1024


It’s that time of year again…Deer-mageddon!

Every year at this time the Deer come out in droves, only this year it seems there are many more. Maybe it’s because we have close to a normal year with more snow than the past few, or maybe there is simply more Deer around. The photos don’t really show the sheer numbers, but are a few anyway.

Deer 033013.01.1024

These were all on a nice foggy morning.

Deer 033113.01.1024

Deer 033113.02.1024

Deer 033113.03.1024

Deer 033113.04.1024

Deer 033113.05.1024

Deer 033113.06.1024

Deer 033113.07.1024

Deer 033113.08.1024

Deer 033113.09.1024

Deer 033113.10.1024

Deer 033113.11.1024

Deer 033113.12.1024

Deer 033113.13.1024

Deer 033113.14.1024

Deer 033113.15.1024

Deer 033113.16.1024

These are from a couple days later.

Deer 040213.01.1024

Yummy Grass.

Deer 040213.02.1024

Deer 040213.03.1024

Winking at me.

Deer 040213.04.1024

Deer 040313.01.1024

Deer 040313.02.1024

Deer 040313.03.1024

Deer 040313.04.1024

til next time