Archangel Valley

Hoping that Hatcher Pass or Archangel Valley Rd. would be open by now I grabbed the dogs and headed on up. To my dismay the gate was closed on the entrance to Archangel Valley Rd. so I continued up to Hatcher Pass knowing full well the Pass would still be closed also. It was. I drove back down and stopped at one of the many pull-offs to check out the Little Su River. As I was about to get back into the Jeep and head home, a grater drove by heading down. I thought to myself, hmm, I wonder. I loaded the dogs back up and headed back up just to see if by chance one of the roads had just been opened. Slowing down, peeking in, and Yay, Archangel had just been opened. I wiped the Jeep around and headed down/up Archangel Valley.

The weather was kind of hit and miss with bits of sun and rain.

Archangel Valley

Archangel Valley 061010.01.1024

Stormy Valley 061010.01.1024

Archangel Valley 061010.02.1024

Archangel Valley 061010.03.1024

Wildflowers are popping out.

Archangel Medow 061010.01.1024

Archangel Medow 061010.02.1024

Archangel Medow 061010.03.1024

Archangel Road

Archangel Rd. 061010.01.1024

Archangel Creek

Archangel Creek 061010.01.1024

Look way down to Knik River Valley

Knik Valley 061010.01.1024

Chiming/Blue Bells

Blue Bells 061010.01.1024

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder 061010.01.1024

Jacob's Ladder 061010.02.1024

As Life Flows

We signed the papers today, divorce papers that is. Now we wait for the court date, in about 4 weeks, and all will be done. We are still living in the same house, just sleeping in different rooms. I do have my own bath. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I still love Jan and probably always will. I just hope we can become good friends now. I wanted to try.

I really do have so much to say, and so much of it good, but these words are on a more personal level and don’t want to post them to the public.

How Can I Tell You

Time to move forward.

I thought this photo was sort of fitting

Fishhook Creek 060410.05.1024

Could sure use an old friend to talk with.

’til next time
Ed and da Dogs

Out To Willow Creek

With the disappointment from yesterday in regards to Hatcher Pass not being open yet, I thought I’d head up to Willow then Willow-Fishhook towards Hatcher Pass, in hopes that they may have opened it today, a weekend. Nope again, not open, though the drive from the Willow end of Fishhook is very rewarding all on it’s own. We went as far as the closed gate, then turned left up Willow Creek Valley. Was a great sunny day for the most part, but while up in Willow Creek, the clouds rolled in and you could that there was rain coming. At that point we headed back.

Grubstake Gulch

Grubstake Gulch 060510.01.1024

Alpine Field

Alpine Field 060510.01.1024

Looking towards the Alaska Range

Alaska Range 060510.01.1024

Looking back down Willow Valley

Before the storm

Willow Creek Valley 050610.02.1024

Rain storm on it’s way

Willow Creek Valley 050610.01.1024

Willow Creek Valley 050610.03.1024

Willow Creek Valley 050610.04.1024

Willow Creek Feeder

Willow Creek Feeder 060510.01.1024


Willow Creek Feeder 060510.02.1024

Still snow on the mountain sides, though dirty looking

Mountain Side Snow 060510.01.1024

Nootka Lupine

Nootka Lupine 060510.01.1024

Narcissus-Flowered Anemone

Narcissus-Flowered Anemone 060510.01.1024

Yellow Anemone

Yellow Anemone 060510.01.1024

Gertie enjoying Willow Creek Rd. at about 4000 FT

Gertie at Willow Creek Valley 060510.01.1024

’til next time
Ed and Da Dogs

First Hike

Took my first true hike of the summer today. After days and days of sunshine, we have finally gotten some rain, today included. The rain was only hit and miss, so I grabbed the dogs and headed out to see if Hatcher Pass proper was open yet. It was not, and neither was Archangel Valley Rd. This was quite a disappointment. I had really hoped to take a drive up through the Pass then head out Archangel. So, we stopped at a spot I’ve hiked a little ways before, only this time I hoofed it up further. Wow was I rewarded. I had reached to a plateau that I planned to rest a bit and take in the views, but, as I stood there I could hear the rushing sound of a river. Hearing this, I headed toward the sound, came over a small ridge and holly shit what a view. My photos don’t do it justice.

Fishhook Creek

Fishhook Creek 060410.01.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.02.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.03.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.04.1024

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium 060410.01.1024

Not sure what kind of plant this is, but I thought it looked cool

Plant 060410.01.1024

Some of the back country views during my hike

Hatcher Back Country 060410.01.1024

Hatcher Back Country 060410.02.1024

’til next time
Ed and da dogs