Yard Work Day

I got quite a bit mowed today, front, sides, back, and some of the apple orchard. It started to rain, so I quit. The lawns have needed mowing for a while now, but I haven’t felt like doing it, like no reason to. I hope, even pray, that I’m not mistaken for caring again.
Looks like the rest of the day will be, well, nothing, it’s too rainy, hot and humid to do much else.
I do plan on getting and about tomorrow, it’s been far too long since I’ve gone out to enjoy myself, almost a month. So unless it looks like an all day torrential downpour all day, I’m heading out.

Here’s some photos from yesterday of the fruit around the house starting to come out.





Change in Plans

I was planning on taking today off from work, but changing to Wednesday for a couple reasons. One, Mondays seem busier at work and two, there’s some rain coming tonight/tomorrow so the trails wont be so dusty Wednesday. Also with a little rain and warmer temps, the wild flowers should be really popping out.
So anyway, that’s the plan.

Cedar Waxwings

I was just sitting down to watch some TV and some birds caught my eye in one of the apple trees out the picture window. Grabbing the binoculars to see what they were and wow, Cedar Waxwings, a bunch of them munching on blossoms. I tried taking some photos out the window, but they were still too far away, so I headed out with tripod and camera in hand. These buggers are hard to capture, as they move around a lot and they’re mixed in the branches and blossoms. I have only seen Waxwings once before, and that was in Alaska, but they were Bohemian Waxwings.
Anyway, pretty exciting.