So we had a bit of a wind storm a few days ago, it lasted for about 2 1/2 days with winds reaching over 80 MPH. Here at home we didn’t get the blunt of the winds, though we sure felt them. At times I could even feel the house move a bit, sway. The funny part of it all was when Jan and I were talking about the winds I said, “hmm, now if it was snowing very hard right now, with all these winds, it would be just like back in Michigan.” I really do find the weather up here, well, quite boring. No big snow storms, the winds are just winds, no big thunder storms, not even any thunder snow. Don’t get me wrong though, I sure don’t miss the heat of summer, but I do miss some of the storms, may it be in summer or winter.

Valley winds whip roof off house, through neighborhood


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Train Ride

Jan and I will be taking a train ride tomorrow. 🙂
I don’t think I have ever been on a train. This should be really cool.

We’re taking the Hurricane Turn Winter Train, one of the last flag stop trains in the US. Alaska Railroad website.. Hurricane Turn.

Rattle ‘n Roll

Earthquake rattles Anchorage, southcentral Alaska

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake under Cook Inlet rattled buildings in Anchorage and elsewhere in Southcentral Alaska this morning. There were no reports of damage.

Full Report Here


Shopping for a new home that is. We’re on the hunt for a new place, something a bit smaller, cheeper to heat, and maybe less rent. We’ve looked at a few, but nothing quite right yet. We mostly knew we would move again after about a year in this house. Now we can view the homes before renting, this one was rented over the internet from Michigan. Don’t take me wrong, this house is nice, just too darn big and with the cathedral ceilings, it’s quite costly to heat.

So anyway, the hunt is on!

Here is a link to one we looked at today. 3 level 3br 1.5ba Cust Log Cabin +

Looking down to Hatcher Pass Road.

Image at 1680

Did I say it was chilly Sunday morning? It was, just a bit though. Here is some icy grasses.

The road up Archangel Valley

Image at 1680

Reflections in a Beaver pond

Image at 1680

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New Roof

I haven’t been posting the last few days due to our roof getting new shingles, and the pounding above my head tends to stop me from being on line. I do get on later after they leave, but by that time I’m just too damn tired.

Anyway, thought I’d type out a quick note. It’s been just your normal week really, with the exception of the roofers, work during the day, rest at night. Weather has been mostly cloudy this week, though the temps have been a very nice mid 60’s.

Here are a couple more photos from this past weekend.

Dogs playing in the cotton grass

Cleaning ’round The House

Today was the day to clean up our guest bedroom, was full of boxed stuff, and put all the boxes out in the garage, but first, we needed to clean out the garage. Most of the stuff in the garage was either stuff to throw away, or haul out to the shed, now my shop. 🙂 I have a good place to work on the cars back by the shed/shop, but my tools were in the garage, pain in the neck, having to walk back ‘n forth for tools. Now they are all out in the shop, I just need to get that organized now.

The weather lately has been quite predictable, nice in the morning and early afternoon, warm, then come later in the day, rain with thunderstorms pass through, then clearing in the evening. All in all, pretty damn nice.

More photos from yesterdays hike in Archangel Valley.

Random views

Wild flowers with a view

Views at over 4000 FT

There’s a river, a roaring river, under all those very large rocks

Very jagged peaks

Some birds

Golden-Crowned Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

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Just Another Warm Sunny Day

Can you ever get tired of warm sunny days? I’m not sure, one thing I do know for sure, is it sure the hell is dry. Big time fire danger out there.

Some news from Anchorage caught my eye. I think it’s a great thing!
Police watch for loose dogs in the beds of pickup trucks.
A dog riding loose in the back of a pickup with its head held high sniffing the wind may seem like an iconic image of summer. But it’s illegal in Anchorage.

With the onset of warm weather, police are warning drivers that pooches loose in the backs of pickups can mean fines ranging from $50 to $1,000.

More Here.

This mornings moon

Ducks on Wasilla Lake during sunrise

Looking down the lake a bit, Talkeetna Mountains reflection.