Campground – Day 29

Awake at 1:30 AM with sharp pains in my head. It feels like a long needle being pushed through my brain. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, it’s not like anyone gives a shit anyway.
I saw on Facebook from NWS’s webcam the northern lights were out at about 12:30 AM, I went out and looked, nothing now.
It’s suppose to be a really nice day today, what to do? Oh, that’s right, not a fucking thing. Maybe go for a drive, I don’t know, maybe just sleep.


Well I did end up going for a drive today, and discovered new areas/lakes. I drove out Pike Lake Rd., followed that and turned on each side road that went to a lake. Pike Lake Rd. comes starts at M-38 and meanders to M-26 near Twin Lakes State Park. Once on M-26, I just headed back up to Houghton and then to the camper.
Fall colors are starting, but only in a few spots and areas. There was about 50-60% around Toivola, but most of the trip there was just spots here and there with color.
Anyway, it was good to get out, even if it was just for a little while. I need to do it more, it helps me forget all the shit that’s going on.
Following are photos from the drive.

The start of Pike Lake, sort of a swamp.
Pike Lake Panorama
Clear Lake. This was a really nice spot, high on a ridge over looking the lake.
Clear Lake
Sandy Lake
Emily Lake

Campground – Day 28

Not much to say, just waiting for any info on how the title company is coming along with the sellers’ shit.
This is a holiday for me at work, and I was thinking of going up along the Keweenaw shore to check out the waves, as the winds are blowing big time here with lots of lake effect rain showers. The problem is, I have to be available for a phone call, so I really can’t be gone. So fuck that, just like about everything else.


Turned out to be a beautiful evening with partly cloudy skies and a nice sunset. I was thinking of getting some photos of the bay, but I couldn’t be bothered to walking the few feet to the shore. My head is in a real funk again, and with no-one but my own head to talk to, it’s not getting any better.

Campground – Day 27

I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a month, 27 long and boring days. Weather isn’t too bad (yet) this morning, temp around 55° and overcast. The forecast is for some pretty heavy rain later today and tonight.
Another day of waiting is in store for mortgage stuff. It should have been wrapped up yesterday or the day before, but no, the sellers fucked up with the title company. I just hope they truly have sorted things out. As the shit hit yesterday, I jumped online again to look at other places, but there just isn’t much, and what there is, or was, has already sold or is pending.

To be continued…

Nothing, fucking nothing. I emailed my lender today and she said they are waiting on the title company about payoffs and all the information from the sellers and their sellers, I guess. It’s turning into a clusterfuck.
I could buy another place, but I’m staying in the current sellers’ camper. I’m fucking stuck. I keep asking myself why I didn’t just fucking end it all months ago when I was really close to doing it.

Campground – Day 26

Up at fucking 1:00 AM this morning, had coffee, a couple smokes, went for a shower, and now back sitting down. I should be able to squeeze in a nap before it’s time for work.
As of about 4:00 AM it’s a refreshing 48° with cloudy skies.
I should get most all the final stuff for the mortgage today. I thought yesterday, but they had to wait for the final fee confirmation from the title company. Wish I could say I was excited, but I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be so glad to be into a house again, but I’m just not excited about the house or property. I guess we’ll see how it goes once I start working on the place, I have a few ideas on some things to change. I’m sure the boys will be happy to have room to move around again, inside and out.

To be continued…

One more, hopefully last, hurtle. The sellers never notified the title company they were selling, but that’s not the worst part. With the house I’m buying, the sellers are paying for it through a land contract, that’s not a problem, but the person they have the land contract with still has a mortgage on the house…That’s the fucking problem. The sellers say they have it sorted out with the title company now. I sure as hell hope so. What the fuck?!?!

Campground – Day 25

Much cooler this morning, about 50° with cloudy skies. It’s forecast to get up to around 60° today and stay mostly cloudy. The cooler night helped me sleep a little, though I still only got about 4 hours of sleep. I might make a run to my storage unit today to get a couple warmer shirts. About the only clothing I can get to is a couple bags of jackets, and I’m hoping there are a shirt jacket or two in one of the bags. All my other clothes are tossed high in the back. I wasn’t planning on staying in this camper this long as we should have closed by now, but there were snags. At least those are all done with, or they fucking better be, so we should be closing soon.


Light at the end of the tunnel. My loan got locked in today, and we should close next week. Now to figure out how the move is going to work because the sellers are still there waiting just as I have. I hope they’re ready.

Campground – Day 24

Twenty Four Fucking Days. Not a good start today, it’s 70° and humid. Also, I seem to be over heated and can’t cool down, I sweating like mad. Sometime today I need to swap out 2 empty propane tanks for full ones, going to need them with the cooler weather coming. Then, near the end of the day I move again to a different site. Wish I didn’t have to move, this site is great for the dogs and quite private.

Quick update… The seller called about 8:00 AM and said, “I hear you have to move, I’ll be there in about an hour”. So anyway, I’m moved to the new campsite much earlier than I thought.


Nothing else really went on today, was fairly busy at work though.
There is more road noise at this site, but I have a nice view for sunrises over the bay. I also ran and got two fresh tank of propane during lunch for the coming cooler weather that’s forecast to start tomorrow.
No word from my lender yet today, though sometimes he does email late into the evening. If I don’t hear anything today, I’ll shooting him an email tomorrow to check in. We need this done and over with.

Campground – Day 23

One last hot and humid day in store here. Woke up to cloudy, maybe foggy, skies and a temp of 65°. It’s forecast it clear up later. Later today, if most these people leave early enough, I plan to scope out a new site to move to tomorrow. I should also go get the propane tanks filled, as next week it will be much cooler at night and I might want a little heat in the mornings. Other than that, just another day of doing nothing.
On a different note – I haven’t slept in my bed in about 6 weeks. Part of that time was due to Grizwald not being able to get up the steps to the bedroom, but most is being in this damn camper.
Also, I wish I would get a phone call to talk.

Not having a good day at all, not like any of my days are good, but this one seems much worse. I keep breaking down and crying. Trying to keep a little busy by cleaning up, but it’s not helping at all. I feel like I want everything to end, everything.


Another $300 down the tube. Just got my next campsite to be moved into later tomorrow. I just hope that we can close on the house before this site runs out of time and I have to move again. We should be able to close before that, at least that’s the way it sounds.
My mental state is going down hill fast staying here, and I’m not sure what to do about it, if anything.

Campground – Day 22

It’s the weekend, but as I’ve said before, while I’m here, weekends suck. Another warm night and morning with a temp of 65°, but it looks like there might be some rain coming in, we’ll see.
Other than that, it’s just another day of sitting around.


Pretty much a do nothing day, as are most while staying here. I did make a run into Houghton to go to Walmart for some tee-shirts, socks and underwear. The reason for getting those items is due to me still not getting any laundry done. I hate laundromats!
This campground is a zoo with kids this evening. People are even parking across the road at the roadside park. They are all coming here for trick-or-treat during the campground’s Harvest Festival. Tomorrow the place should empty out, and then I’ll go to the other end to have a look at another site to move to. I have to move Monday, they are closing down this end of the campground for the season.