Campground – Day 19

Warm start for the day, 63° at 6:00 AM. We’re forecast to be up in the low 80’s again today with mostly sunny skies. At least the humidity isn’t bad, and I guess I should try to enjoy the warmth, it wont be around much longer.
House update – I asked if I could get a closing date yesterday, but my lender said he couldn’t give a firm date for a couple more days until the underwriters are done. So now it’s just a waiting game.


Nothing else really for today, just that it’s hot out, 83°. No news on the house today, though I didn’t really expect any. I tried sitting outside with the dogs, but they were getting over heated after a short time, so we came back in to the air conditioning. The noise from the road is really getting to me, mainly all the trucks that pass by.
Anyway, I guess that’s it, unless something happens which is doubtful.

Campground – Day 18

Much warmer this morning, around 60° with cloudy skies. Forecast is for highs reaching around 80° and sunny. Pretty much the same for the rest of the week.
Last night’s aurora was a bust, though I guess it really showed in Alaska. It all depends on where the “wave” dips down. Maybe tonight we’ll see it, maybe.
Today I should be getting more house stuff verified. Time is getting short and I (so do the sellers) need to get moved.


The label cert. and foundation cert. came in good/clean on the house today. I believe all the conditions are met now, so now I need a closing date. I did ask my loan officer, but he said he should now more in a couple days. Argh
I need to get out of this fucking cramped camper.

Campground – Day 17

Seventeen fucking days in this campground. Not quite a cool this morning, it’s about 47° with clear skies. This week should stay nice with the temps slowly on the rise.
I have to check with the seller to see if all the little things are done, then I can order the re-checkups and get this fucking ball rolling and get the house closed on.

To be continued…

Nothing much the remainder of the day, just work. At least I had a little something to do.
The Aurora forecast is good for tonight, but quite strong for tomorrow night. I have the camera setup and ready if it happens. Little to no moon for a few nights, so if the aurora does show, there wont be any bright moon to mess things up.

Campground – Day 16

Another cool night and morning, with the around 40°. It’s a nice sunny day with forecast highs to be around 70° or so. I feel like I should be doing something, but I don’t really have anything to do. Fuck I miss yard work.
I want this house shit to be over with so I can move in and try to make it a home. Although, I have a feeling that I’ll be looking for another place very soon, something that I actually like.
Also, I need to talk to someone other than the dogs. Speaking of the dogs, this camper is really hard on Grizwald, he can’t get in or out without being carried/lifted, and he sure doesn’t like that. Eli isn’t getting any exercise due to having to be on a lead all the time, and I can’t take him for a walk because Gizwald can’t go and just can’t leave him alone in the camper, it’s not right.

I hate this sitting around all day, just sit and sit and sit and sit. Not a fucking thing to do. We sit inside. We sit outside. It doesn’t matter, it’s just sitting. My ass is sore from sitting so much.
I did go the the storage building today to check how things were, just the same, stacked up high. I was hoping to see if an old end table was in there, I don’t remember packing it and it’s very important to me. I didn’t see it, but it could be in there, just can’t see it. With the rush and all the runs back and forth, I don’t remember packing it.
I guess that’s about it for day 16, just more sitting waiting for time to go by.

Campground – Day 15

Chilly morning to start the day, it was 45°. It looked like a beautiful sunrise, but I could be assed to walk out and get any photos. Today is Saturday, what to do? Fuck all is what to do, just fucking sit around.
I heard from my lender last night, he just received the foundation certification and was concerned, but I told him that I believe it’s all completed as of two days ago. He said good. I have to get re-cert on the foundation and re-appraisal to show that the couple of things are done. I told my lender that this end of the campground closes for the season on the 17th of this month, though I can move to the other end at that time. He said okay, so we have about 10 to get this house closed on. That’s good news, but I don’t see it happening that quite with the 2 re-certs needed, though it sure does sound like we’re ready to go afterward. He knows that both myself and the seller want to get this over with as soon as possible, even sooner.
I need to get out of this fucking camper.

To be continued…

Well, didn’t do a fucking thing today with the exception of sitting outside with the dogs. Other than that, I took a nap to help the time go by faster. It’s gotten to the point that I hate weekends, at least while I’m in this fucking campground.
In the evenings I’ve started watching a pretty good show on Hulu, it’s called Chance, with Hugh Laurie.

Campground – Day 14

Not much for today. The day started out much cooler than the past week or so, the low was in the upper 40s and it felt nice. Today it’s nice and sunny, a light breeze and temps around 70°.
It doesn’t seem like many campers are coming in this weekend, at least not yet.
I might go out for a shortish drive Sunday, not sure yet, but I do need to get out of this fucking camper for a while.

Campground – Day 13

Thirteenth day here and it’s driving me fucking nuts being cooped up in this camper. Even though this is a much better site I’m at now, it’s still a fucking campground. I just want to get moved into the new house. The delay is all due to it being a manufactured home and not a stick built home, many more hoops to jump through. It fucking sucks.

Finally found the damn serial number for the home. I just submitted it to to get a HUD label verification which should be here Monday or Tuesday. I just want this shit done and over with. I’ve even looked at other places in the $85,000 to $130,000 (with my current wage, I could go higher, but don’t really want to.) range just in case, but there really isn’t much out there.

Campground – Day 12

Rain, rain and more rain. It’s been raining all night and there’s small lakes throughout the campground. Funny thing though, all this rain and I’m out of water in the camper. I have a couple large containers to haul water in, but I’m going to wait until the rain stops, which should be fairly soon.
I still don’t have a closing date on the house, pretty much everything is waiting on the sellers to complete a couple of things.
I sure miss talking with my best friend, so much so I cry about it daily.

To be continued…

Moved to a new campsite this evening, it’s a site that can’t be reserved, so that means I can stay here for awhile I guess. The site is closer to the main road, but much more private, surrounded be trees, I can see the bay, and in fact, it’s quite nice. If I were ever to “want” to camp here, this would be the site I’d pick.