Aurora Borealis

Got woken up early this morning by one of the dogs barking. Looking out the window with my sleepy eyes, the sky was glowing, so I quickly set my camera up and headed outside to catch the tail end of what sounds to be a great Aurora show. Missing most of the show, I was able to capture a couple photos.

Aurora 060713.02.1024

Aurora 060713.01.1024

Lake Effect Weather

This past week we’ve been getting some badly need rain, too late for the farmers, but still needed. The flow of the weather has changed in a snap from summer to autumn with lake effect rain and graupel (precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake). Temps have ranged from the middle 50’s for highs and as low as 29° for lows. The clouds have changed over to autumn / winter clouds hanging low in the sky. With that I will pass you off to some photos.

Northern Hairrer

Deer dashing across our field
Sort of a stormy Sunrise
We’ve had some great rainbows lately

’tis next time