Things… And Frank

Meet Frank, Frank the Fox Squirrel.  This Fox Squirrel has been coming by for a few weeks now, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a photo of him.  It’s nice to have another type of squirrel around here besides the damn Red Squirrels.

In other news… This past Wednesday was my boss’ last day at work.  We’ve known each other for many years, worked together for many years and at two different places of work.  We’ve gone through quite a bit together, work wise and personal.  He will be missed.

A long awaited, as in years, update to our employee handbook has been published and becomes effective January 1st.  The following is from the handbook about Teleworking, which involves me big time.  The yellow text makes me feel a little better about my position.
“Teleworking, or telecommuting, is the concept of working from home or another location on a full- or part-time basis. Teleworking is not a formal, universal employee benefit. Rather, it is an alternative method of meeting the needs of the organization. LTBB has the right to mandate or refuse teleworking requests.
LTBB’s policies for teleworking are as follows:
1. Compensation and Work Hours: The employee’s compensation, benefits, work status and work responsibilities will not change due to participation in the teleworking program. The amount of time the employee is expected to work per day or pay period will not change as a result of participation in the teleworking program.
2. Eligibility: Successful teleworkers have the support of their supervisors. Employees will be selected based on the suitability of their jobs, an evaluation of the likelihood of their being successful teleworkers, and an evaluation of their supervisor’s ability to manage remote workers. Each department will make its own selections.
3. All teleworkers must sign a work agreement.”
Also, this past week I’ve had a couple conversations, work related and just general talk, with my new boss, though he is only interim I believe he will have some pull.  He seems like quite a nice guy and we seem to get long quite well.  So that’s good.  This also makes me feel a little better about my job.

Frank The Fox Squirrel

Bull Moose

I went out yesterday morning at the crack of dawn for two reasons, one to see if there was any snow in the Herman area, and two, to hunt for Mr. Moose.
Sure enough, right in the area I thought the moose would be.
He was quite a ways off, so only using a 210mm lens, I had to crop in quite a bit. He was about 800 feet away.
I saw this guy the other day, but missed getting a photo of him. I have also seen his tracks for the last couple years.

Bull Moose

Snow Frosted

Lake Plumbago

Buddy Bear Came For A Visit

I had fallen asleep on the couch last night. I was sleeping right next to the open window in the living room when I was awoken by a crunching sound. Not sure of what I was hearing, I looked out the window and sure enough there was Buddy Bear about 15 feet away having a snack of bird seeds. I got up and yelled at him through the window, but he didn’t budge, so I went outside on the deck, which is on the far right in the video, and yelled at him again. This time he got up and ran off.
You can see at the end of the video when he looks up to his right and then runs off, that’s when I was on the deck, again, only a few feet away.

Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear came around again last night, and this time he’s captured on cam.
This cam is right beside the house and right next to my bedroom.
You’ll see him a few times in this video, wandering around, laying down, running off, and… looking in my bedroom window.