Double Window

Finally got the double window framed in today. The demo on this window was a bitch, layers and layers of crap wood with a bazillion nails. Then after that I found that the window frame wasn’t square. So, just about every piece of wood I put up had to be custom cut, inside the frame and out.

Also, dinner time for the Deer with a little fist to cuffs.

Busy at Work

I’ve been quite busy at work lately. I’ve been installing and setting up a new Accounting server and getting all their software configured. Tomorrow we go live on the new server. As I type this, I’m backing up all the databases and moving the backups to the new server, then restore them. At that point, I’m mostly done. Tomorrow morning the guys in the office get to go around and make sure all the software is getting installed on the workstations correctly.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather that’s on the way starting tomorrow. Melt some of this neck deep snow I have around here.

This evening the beasties were quite hungry…

I have another cam up and running facing off to the side/back of the house. It’s always quite busy out there.