Semi-nude, uninvited guest

Semi-nude, uninvited guest gives New Year’s surprise

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A scantily clad man wandered into a stranger’s Girdwood home early New Year’s Day and sat down on the couch, where the returning homeowners later found the uninvited guest passed out, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Troopers say the homeowners reported the man at about 2:30 a.m. Thursday after they arrived at the Taos Street residence to find the man dressed only in a T-shirt and sitting on the couch, asleep. They detained the suspect and called troopers.

Officers arriving on scene determined Anchorage resident Richard Sexton, 33, was intoxicated and had entered the home thinking he was somewhere else, troopers said. He told them he did not know why he was naked save for the T-shirt.

Troopers released Sexton to a sober adult while the investigation continues. They say charges of criminal trespass and indecent exposure “are being explored.”

— Anchorage Daily News

Nothing like coming home to some dude naked on our couch.


We have a few birds that brave the cold year around. At home, we have Black Capped Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch, some kind of sparrow and a flock of Pine Grosbeak that comthrough. I’m still hunting for a good bird book for Alaska.

Pine Grosbeaks

Hay Flats Again

Just some photos for today.

Across the Palmer Hay Flats from the far west end. Was mostly cloudy out, but the sun was shinning on the flats.

Saw this guy peckin’ on a dead moose with a bunch of ravens, he flew up to this tree when I backed up to see him better.

Even closer


Friends Stopping By

Sitting here this morning after letting the dogs out for a run, I heard the two of them barking like mad. I ran out to see what the commotion was only to see them having, what they would think, fun with our local moose. Mom moose kept charging Eli, our Newfoundland mix, but it didn’t seem to faze him in the least. I had to order the two of them in the house, took a bit of persuasion with the offer of treats.

Mom taunting

Laters for now

Low Sun, Swamp Donkey and Eli

Not really a whole heck of a lot going on today, so I thought I’d snap a shot of the Sun at noon, just to show how low it really is on the horizon. Only 4 more days and we’ll be on the up swing for more daylight. It’s really not bad, you just have to get out during the time the sun is up.

Our neighborhood moose came through again today. And of course Eli had to bark and howl at her. This was after he came home with a very large bone, well, really a leg, to chew on. No idea where he found it.

Anyway, here are a few photos from today around the house.

This is how high the Sun is at noon, you can just see it at about tree level.

View from our back yard at noon today

Mom Moose (swamp donkey) in the woods at the side of our home

Eli found a bone to chew on …hmm

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Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, shortest day, in daylight hours, of the year.

I was thinking yesterday about the low sun, well, if you think about it, it’s almost like having a sunset all day long. Really, with the sun at the level it is at this time of year, the shadows, the highlights, and so forth, is like just before sunset.

Today the Sunrise is at 10:17am and Sunset is at 3:35pm. Tomorrow will be about 1 minute longer.

I’m heading out a bit later today with the dogs. I hope to get some more photos of the area.

A good friend back in Michigan sent me this. Thanks Norm. All I can say is, Holly Shit!
Just Watch It, Holly Shit!

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Last night was an interesting one with all the fireworks around. I have never seen, or heard, so many bangs and booms so close in my life. Was really quite fun. The dogs didn’t think too much of it though. The photos I have posted are from our neighbor right behind us. All this going on at about -20*F below zero. The cool thing that happened was, shortly after 12 midnight, the bangs and booms were done, over.

An yes, Alaska, freedom to have fun.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, we had a low temp of -25.6*F.

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Happy New Year

So for New Years Eve I’m, well, doing nothing, although I don’t usually go out on this night anyway. Jan’s working until 11:30pm anyway.

The day was a chilly one, our high for the day was -12.5*F, and a low of -.23.4*F. That’s not the coldest I’ve ever been in, I remember sending screen shots to Jan when it was -27*F in Petoskey. Also I remember a week long cold spell in Houghton Lake that never got above -20*F all week. The cold really isn’t that bad, as long as you’re not an idiot and go out not dressed proper. And also, it’s much drier here, so it doesn’t feel as cold.

Sunset through to Pines this evening

Image at 1680

View out back, again

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