“Toys In The Attic” by Aerosmith. That’s what I’m playing during this blog, and seeing as I didn’t have anything in my head for a title, well, this is it. Still though, it’s a damn good album, and a classic to boot. I do need to get a long patch cord so that I can connect up to the speakers we have in the living room, then I’d be able to play my music with some sort of good sound. As it is, I’m hearing this great music over my laptop speakers, hmm, sort of lame really, but it’s Aerosmith, old Aerosmith. Damn this is good stuff! Over time I tend to forget about some of the great music that I played in my late teens and early 20’s, I still think it’s some of the best ever put out.

On to today’s outing. Yes Ben, it was another nice day in Alaska, though we could stand with another day of rain, or two. I headed out to the Palmer Hay Flats again with the dogs, it’s a good area to let the dogs run without getting into trouble.

Please excuse me as I jam out to “Round And Round”, damn this is good.

Back to the day. We headed out walking along one of the paths, but found it a bit wet, so headed to the creek and followed that, much drier. Found a spot to cross one of the inlet creeks. Ya have to be careful ’round these, the mud is, umm, sticky, I mean really sticky. I put one foot in a spot to test, and it just about stayed there! I’m use to goopy mud, this is some sticky ass stuff. Only one or two inches deep will keep you there, at least your shoes. So anyway, as we crossed out further, the sun came out from behind some of the clouds, and got hot. The dogs seemed to have found some sort of critter a couple times, though I didn’t see anything, and they soon gave up. I enjoy it out on the flats, miles from anywhere, 28,000 acres worth, yes that’s right, Twenty Eight Thousand.

From Wildlife Conservation:
“Palmer Hay Flats is a 45 square mile complex of forest, wetlands, tidal sloughs, lakes and tideflats. Marsh and bog
communities predominate. The area subsided in the 1964 earthquake, before which it supported a drier grassland habitat.”

My thoughts just ran out…

Took a bunch of photos today, though it wasn’t the best day for it, the sky just wasn’t “there”.

Sandhill Crane


Eli (front) and Grizwald

Views from the Flats

Some buds of some sort

More photos to come…


The Weather – Alaska Summer/Spring, How Wonderful Can It be.

Before moving here I expected the weather here, Mat-Su Valley, to be cool, mainly in the 50’s, and a bit rainy this time of year, I couldn’t have been more wrong. So far this summer, spring really, it just plain couldn’t be any better. Temps have been in the 60’s to mid to high 70’s with only 1 (one) day of rain, a badly needed rain it was. If you’re out of any breeze, it feels damn hot, but without the humidity of Michigan. Think of this, as I type this, 6:00 pm, the temp is 72.3*F, wind at 2 mph, and the humidity, well, there is none, it’s at 22%. How wonderful is that? Don’t answer, I know, it can’t be beat anywhere. Now granted, it does get cool at night, down to the middle 30’s, (great sleeping temps) but NO frost or freeze, even in May. Now the really good part, though I don’t get to enjoy it much but the weekends, the days are long, and I mean Looong. OK, so this is the first summer I’ve spent in Alaska, but man, the length of day is a woozy. Winter was nothing, nothing at all, hardly no snow, length of day, big deal (NOT), cold, same, NOT. Summer, spring as it is, is like a different world, the days don’t end, and to think that the longest day isn’t until June 21, that’s over a month away.
Here is our sunrise and sunset times for tomorrow:

Begin civil twilight 3:33 a.m.
Sunrise 4:54 a.m.
Sun transit 1:54 p.m.
Sunset 10:56 p.m.
End civil twilight 12:19 a.m. on following day

Now trust me on this, that “civil twilight” thing at 3:33 am, bullshit, I got up at 3:00 am today to get ready for work and let the dogs out, and it was light out, yes, light, I mean, if I was lost in the woods somewhere, I wouldn’t need a flashlight, none, nada, not a damn thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not sunlight, so to speak, but it sure as hell is twilight. That twlight end thing, well, haven’t seen that, I haven’t been up at around 12:30 am in years, but I would bet it’s not very dark, like the dark you see stars in. I just looked it up, in the Northern Hemisphere summers solstice begins on June 21, 2009 at 1:45 A.M. EDT, that’s 5:45 A.M. ADT. Now on that day, the sun officially sets at 11:46 PM, that’s almost midnight, man, and rises at 4:13 AM. Now I know that during this time, twilight will be, lets just say, always on.

Let me explain why I’m going on about this. As some of you know, I’m an armature weather guy, and the sun has all sorts to do with weather. That, and I just think it’s cool, all this light and shit.

Anyway, because I don’t get out much during the week due to work, here are some more of the sunrise taken this morning.

Birch seeds during sunrise

’til next time

Light Bulbs

So the other day we were talking at work and someone said something about seasonal items, as it turns out, light bulbs are a seasonal item. I never really thought about it, but with all the daylight we get, lights aren’t used much, if at all, during the summer months. I had never thought of light bulbs as a seasonal item, like snowblowers, lawn rakes, and leaf blowers.

Sunrise this morning, taken at about 5:30 am. The sun rises at 4:58 am now, but takes a bit to get over the moutains.

Morning reflections

’til next time

Handshake, Promise, and a Broken Deal

Friday afternoon made for one fucked up day! As you know, we sold the truck, and in the deal, got a great little car, or so we thought. You see, we allowed the buyers some time to give us the final payment for the truck, they said it was in another bank in the -48. I know it can be hard at times with the time difference. Anyway, we had been in contact with them just about every day for a week. I talked the lady Thursday afternoon, and she said that she will pay us Friday after work, 1 pm. Well, 1 came and passed, then 2, so Jan called her, this bitch then told Jan the deal was off and that they wont be buying the truck. The thing is, is that they had already signed over the title to the car to us, so by law the car was ours. We even talked with a lawer about it, he said that yes the car is ours, and to demand full payment by 5 pm or we would report the truck stolen. She did call again, just after 5, and said they were on their way to return the truck. I told her that we need the full payment for the truck and that the car was ours. I’m not going to go into everything, just that when they showed up, I told them that I am a man of my word and that looking someone in the eye, shaking hands on a deal, IS a deal. It’s really sad that this Valley Trash are so dishonest. We have the truck back and they have their car. FUCK THEM! All this is just one more reason to get the hell out of Wasilla, too much trash. We’ll be hunting for a much much smaller town to live in/by.

Anyway, the truck is back up for sale, and we’re looking for a good car for Jan.

On to better things.

Took the dogs out to Palmer Hay Flats Saturday, haven’t been out there since the snow left. The Flats were a bit wet, but that is to be expected, it’s mostly a wetland, and it did rain the other day. After walking around the Flats for a while, we headed out to Pt. MacKenzie. I really had no plans to head out there, it just happened, I sort of just kept driving. Pt. MacKenzie is about the furthest point you can drive south west this side of the Knik Arm.

Views from Palmer Hay Flats

Cottonwood Creek – The mud around this part of the creek is clay, a very hard clay.

Cool looking clouds over the Flats


Bird in the Flats – Not sure what type of bird yet.

Knik Arm – You can see the flow in the water as the tide is going out.

Pond on the way out to Pt. MacKenzie

Looking across Knik Arm from Pt. MacKenzie

Anchorage from Pt. MacKenzie and Knik Arm

’til next time

Getting Better, Sunrise’s That Is

The days are getting much much shorter. When I get up in the morning, between 3:15 am and 3:30 am, it’s light on the mountains behind us, and I sure don’t need a light on to take the dogs out at that time. I’ve been shooting photos for a couple weeks now at the sunrise, soon, I hope, soon, I can catch the sun as it’s rising above the mountains out back. The sun rises about 20 minutes before I’m taking these, but it still takes time to get over the mountains. I’ll get it one of these days.

’til next time

Just Another Warm Sunny Day

Can you ever get tired of warm sunny days? I’m not sure, one thing I do know for sure, is it sure the hell is dry. Big time fire danger out there.

Some news from Anchorage caught my eye. I think it’s a great thing!
Police watch for loose dogs in the beds of pickup trucks.
A dog riding loose in the back of a pickup with its head held high sniffing the wind may seem like an iconic image of summer. But it’s illegal in Anchorage.

With the onset of warm weather, police are warning drivers that pooches loose in the backs of pickups can mean fines ranging from $50 to $1,000.

More Here.

This mornings moon

Ducks on Wasilla Lake during sunrise

Looking down the lake a bit, Talkeetna Mountains reflection.

Jan’s New Car / Sunrise

Yepper, Jan has a new car!
It’s a Ford Focus ZX5, top of the line, cruise, air, 6 CD changer, the works.It really is a great little car, and fun to drive with great gas mileage.

Our weather here has been, well, just unbelievably wonderful. The high today so far has been 76.5*F, with lots of day to go. It’s only 4 pm as I type this, and sun doesn’t set until after 10:30 pm, with twilight ’til about midnight, and even then, it really doesn’t get that dark, there’s still a bit of light to be seen. If you look at Nautical and Astronomical Twilight, it doesn’t rise or set, just always there.

I’d like to wave hello to Sue, Norm, Eric, Tammy, Linda, and all those others that stop by here from back in Michigan. Some of you I haven’t written back to, sorry, but it’s just to damn nice to be indoors and type, so I guess I’m cheating a bit here.
Thanks Guys! 🙂
We’re really looking forward to seeing Linda and Tobie next month.

Few photos of Jan’s new car.

This morning’s sunrise, the sun it’s self takes a bit to get over the mountains, even though you can just about drive without your head lamps on.

Sleeping ducks

’til next time