Job Done

Well, yesterday was my last day on the remodel job. Was a good fun job for most the time, good people, interesting work, and good hours. As time went on, mainly in the last few weeks, the job got really tiring, lack of communication, redoing things that should have been done right the first time, and what really got me was the lack of work my boss and one of my co-workers were doing. They became good friends and spent most the day standing around talking, and a lot of the work they did manage to do, we have to correct later. Ah, that is now past and over with.

I’m now moving on to a department that is more to my liking; Photo, Electronics and Music (PEM). I start monday and am looking forward to it.

I have a 3 day weekend starting today so I will be getting out with the dogs, taking photos, and just relaxing.

’til next time

Lazy Day

We spent half the day just laying around watching TV. Watched some of Anatomy of a Murder, one of my favorite books and movies, then watched 1961’s The Misfits. Two great movies! Jan then got ready for work and I headed out with the dogs for a quick romp.

We head to one section of the Hay Flats, but it was just too damn wet, can’t wait for thing to freeze up so I can hike out there again. We then went to Reflections Lake, also part of the Hay Flats. This is the first time I’ve been here without snow and ice, less walkable area but still wonderful.

That’s about it for this day.

Views from Reflection Lake

’til next time

Time Flies

Yes it sure does. Time flew by so fast this week that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted in a week, yikes. Been busy as shit at work. Time is winding down on the remodel, we have 2 weeks until grand opening. I’ve spent the whole last week working, sorting, lifting, fork lifting MPU (Merchandise Pickup). I thought I could have the job done in just a couple days, they all laughed, and justifiably, it took me all damn week. On the good side of working back there, I didn’t have to work up front and was able to work with “my plan”, not someone elses. All turned out great. You have no idea of how many kudos I got for doing what I did and how great it looked, though I’m sure now that I’m done it will get trashed. I was told once that what I had completed normally take about a month, not just one week. Well, let me tell ya, I sure as hell feel it! My whole upper body is either stiff or just plain in pain.

So anyway, as I said this job is about to end in about two weeks, BUT, I’m staying on and will be working in the Photo / Electronics Department. I’ll tell ya, when I was doing the remodel for that department I though there needed to be more people that cared and really worked, well, here I come. This is right up my allley, photos, computers, music and all the goodies to go with.

Then comes today, yes, Satuday, the day to be out with the dogs. Was a bit chilly this morning, low of 23F, so we headed out ’round 11 (I think) to hike up “The Butte”. It’s a fairly easy hike up but for a couple areas. One thing though, who is the braindead, never been hiking, pavement walking, dumbshit that thought those rubber grate thingies would be a good idea? You know what I’m talking about, those honeycomb shaped slippery ass pieces of crap that are put on the trail to, get this, better footing. Yeah right. If there is a hazard on this trial up the Butte, it those damn mats. You can’t walk on them without slipping and falling either on your face or ass, depending on if you’re going up or down. It’s no wonder that most people walk just to the side of these shit catches. End Bitch.

The view from the Butte is just fricking wonderful, though today I think I was a bit too early, there was still lots of haze/fog on the air. You could even see “The Big One”, Denali, today. I’m still working on the photos from today, but here are a few.

View from The Butte, Knik Glacier

During my walk-about on The Butte

’till next time

Hello and wishing you well, to all those that keep in contact with me back in Michigan. 🙂

Nice Morning

Yes it was, even if the dogs woke me up earlier then I had hoped. After Jan headed off for work I let the dogs out again, while doing so I happened to look up to see a wonderful sunrise on the clouds above me. I quickly gathered the dogs and headed out to get some photos. We first went down to Wasilla Lake, but the wind was blowing pretty hard there so it made it hard to get a steady shot off of the sunrise. I did get a few because it was so beautiful. Next we headed up to Hatcher Pass in hopes to get some photos before the clouds closed in again. I parked and started hiking up one of the mountain sides, the views with the sunrising was just wonderful. You could also see the dust (glacier slit) blowing up really good down in the valley. I wasn’t prepaired for much of a hike, so we just went up a little ways and came back down.

The snow is all but gone in the mountains, it’s 58F as I type this at 2:00 pm.

Here are some of the photos from today.

This mornings Sunrise at Wasilla Lake

Glacier Dust Storm at Sunrise

A little later, about an hour or so.

Hatcher Pass Proper

Another view from this morning just after sunrise

Waterfall on the mountain side


’til next time

Been Busy

Yes, that’s why I haven’t posted in a few days, just plain busy. Busy with work, busy trying to get some things done around the house, you know, just busy shit. The only days I haven’t been busy was this past weekend, and those two days I didn’t do a damn thing, and it felt good. I haven’t sat around the house doing mostly nothing for longer then I can remember.
The weather is mostly normal for this time of year, rainy. No snow as of yet, only on the mountain tops, and even that has melted quite a bit in the past couple days. Although, we did have a few inches on the ground last year by this time.

Just because…a photo from a week or so ago.

A view from Hatcher Pass

’til next time

Just Stuff

Todays weather was, well, just fricking wonderful. Too bad I had to work. The forecast was for a cloudy day with temp in the mid 40’s, instead, it was sunny with a high of 56 F.

Not much else to say really, but it sure is beautiful with the snow on the mountains, green grass, and colors in the trees.

Wasilla Lake on my drive home from work.

A couple ducks came walking up to me.

’til next time

Bald Eagle

These are from this past Saturday. Not the best of photos due to being quite a long ways off. None the less, this eagle was sitting on the bank of the river, waiting, waiting for what I don’t know, fish?

Just another view.

Eli getting in the way. 🙂

‘ti next time