Photos, Lots of em, And a Story or Two

First, here are quite a few of the photos I took yesterday during my hike up to Lane Prospect in Archangel Valley.

I have a couple of other things to talk about, but I’ll be adding that later.

Lone Tree Gulch

Views of Archangel Valley

Some small waterfalls on the hike up

Lane Prospect

View from Lane Prospect

Some colors along the mountain sides

Reflections – Rocks

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Hmmm, Short But…

No real post today, but I have lots to say, just have to wait ’til tomorrow. 🙂

From today…Like I said, I have lots to say, not just about today, but from this past week.

About 5200 FT, Ill explain later.

Eli enjoying the view

One of the small water falls I passed.

Oh, yeah, they ski here all summer and winter.

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Fall Colors

Yep, the leaves are stating to change, just a bit. We don’t get the reds and others up here, mostly yellows with the birch. That’s OK by me, being color blind, the red/green type, I don’t see much of the reds anyway. The bright yellows are great! We haven’t had a frost yet, or even anything close to it. The lows at night here at home have just touched the upper 40’s. I remember from last year, that by the time we arrived here, the colors were just about over with. So, in the next week or so we should be in full swing. Time to take a drive out the Glen!

We’re still on the hunt for a new place/home, just not finding much yet. For those of you that visit my blog from the Mat-Su, please let me know if you know of anything. Thanks.

Here’s a shot of one of the tree’s in the yard with some color starting.

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More of Knik

Just another photo for today. Too tired from work for anything else.

Same location as the one below, but from a different angle.

Image at 1680

Bark, very deep bark

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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday –
We had a small gathering of friends from the City Data Alaska Forum. Only about 8 people were able to make it, though I feel that’s just about right. I do wish that some that said they would be here would have, but hey, fuck it. I find it odd that the people that said they would be here and didn’t show live here. One person, from Southern Michigan, arranged his vacation schedule just so he would be here. Like I said, fuck it.
We had lots of great food and conversation though and the weather got better and better as the day went on, had mostly sunny skies with temps in the mid to high 60’s with the occasional cloud that would sprinkle on us.

Today –
Jan had to head off for work at about 8 am, so just after she left, I jumped into the shower so I could get out. I needed to get dog food. I grabbed the dogs, and headed toward Palmer. I thought it was early enough to be able to enjoy going down to Jim Lake, but noooo, everyone and their damn brother, sister, uncle, aunt and the family dog, was out there. I pulled over at one point to let to buttwipes fly by me.
I then continued, stopped for a moment to look for Dall Sheep on a mountain side. As I glanced forward down the road, a nice big bull moose was just walking across the road. Did I have my camera ready? NO! What a dipshit I can be sometimes. Anyway, the area was too damn busy for my taste, so I headed back out. On my way I pulled into a small trail to check it out. Yay, no people down this trail, and there is a nice little creek to explore. Really quite a nice spot to hang out for a bit. I then headed back out to the main road, came to the stop, looked at a trail I have eyeballed for some time, crossed over and on to the trail. I had no idea how nice a view of the Matanuska River and the surounding mountain this trail would lead to. I’ll be back down there. Then I headed a short ways to the Knik River bridge, took a couple photos, and headed back so I could get to Three Bears for dogfood and head home.

Knik River

Small creek I found today. I had driven by it many times, just had never stopped to check it out.

View from Maud Rd.

From the trail to Matanuska River

Watermelon Berries

Some of those that made it yesterday.

Rance’s Yummy bacon wrapped Halibut

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More of The Weekend

Yeah, here we go with the same old shit, more photos from the past weekend. Tough!

Been working my ass off at work, my feet hurt like hell and I really don’t have much else to say.

We are still on the hunt for a new home though.


Reflections in a Tarn.
(Tarn – is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier.)

Beaver Lodge, but the main focus is, what is on the beaver lodge.

This is what I saw from quite a long distance. Some sort of hawk, eagle, I’m still trying to find out. The photo isn’t the best due to the distance.

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Dogsled Pass

So we, the dogs and I, headed out Saturday morning to do some hiking. I thought about Government Peak, thought about archangel Valley again, but nether sounded right to me. So we headed to Craigie Creek Valley to climb all the way up to Dogsled Pass. Last time I was in this valley I turned around before making it to the top, this time I went the distance. My plan was to do a little hiking and then head over to a co-worker’s house, Amanda, for a gathering she was having for us on the relay team at Freddies. I didn’t make it. My timing was about right to do the hike and head to the party. Even as I was up at the pass, I looked at my watch, thought, great, lots of time to get there, I should head back.

It didn’t work out as I had hoped. As I was coming down I keep running into people asking me questions and wanting info on all sorts of things. One of the questions was; “How do I get out of here? I need to get back to Anchorage.” Now that one took some time to explain. Another was the two guys in a nice shiny new full size pick-up truck. Like they had any chance in hell of making it up the “road” to even get near to the foot path. Ha, and to think they asked if I saw any Black Bear up there. Well, if there was any bear up there around the pass, they would be damn skinny! There is hardly any grass in that area, let alone anything that a bear could suvive on. Oh, guess there is water.

Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t make it to our work gathering. Now I have to explain it Monday morning, this should be interesting.

Here are my photos from Dogsled Pass. It’s a hard area to take photos, the sun seems to always be in the way, it’s at the top of a north/south valley.

These photo are shown in no order what-so-ever, very random.

This is an image taken from 4 vertical shots combined. Facing north into the end of Purches Creek Valley

Another, just a single image.

Looking back into Craigie Creek Valley

Heading up. The lower bit is where I heading.

Me at the top. Background is Craigie Creek Valley. OK, so it’s a bad shot, so what.

Here’s an old cabin with a very new mining claim sign on it.

Tarn at Dogsled Pass.

Three more tarns at the edge of Purches Creek Valley

I’ll be mosting more…

’til next itme