Jan’s New Car and A Visit From Linda and Toby

At last, Jan has a new car! After weeks of searching, we’ve ended up back to where we begain, at the Ford dealer, Kendall Ford. Jan now has a new Ford Focus ZX4. I can not say enough about the great people at Kendall, they worked their butts off to get us into this car. Our credit is pretty crappy, though everything is payed off, so they had to work extra hard at getting us a loan. By the way, they are still working on improving the figures for the loan, but the car is ours, Jan’s, either way. We will return to Kendall again for our next car, without a doubt.

Monday Linda and Toby came by for the late afternoon and night. The weather was great here at home, but when we started heading up to Hatcher Pass, the thunderstorms came rolling through. We went up to Hatcher Pass area an Independence Mine for a bit, got damp, and came back to cook up dinner. It was great seeing both of them again, just wish they could have stayed longer. They did say that they may be able to come back up in late September though.

I have some more photos to post tomorrow.

Jan’s New Ford Focus ZX4

Earlier in the day Monday

The bunch on our back deck. It was about 80*F at this time.

The group heading into Independence Mine

Thunderstorm over Matanuska River

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Jeep Work

Today was the day to get some badly needed work done on the Jeep. I haven’t had an oil change, or anything else for that matter, since before we left Michigan. I changed the oil and plugs, lubed all the grease zerks, and rotated the tires. The tires really needed it, I was getting some good shake, almost death wobble, while driving between 45 and 50. After taking it for a drive, the wobble seems to be gone, Yay. The next thing I need to do is change the fluid in front and rear differentials. I changed the oil weight this time to 5W-30 instead of 10W-30, this should help with the cold we get here come winter. I changed over to Moble 1 years ago, first oil change after I bought the Jeep back in ’98.

Hope to get out for some photos the next 2 days. Linda and Toby will be here Monday and Tuesday, think we’ll be taking them up to Hatcher Pass.

We are still hunting for a car for Jan, so I haven’t had much time to get out and about to take photos.
Here are a couple from a day or so ago with the rain.

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Random Statements ‘n Wild Flowers

So the past few days have been hotter than hell, almost hitting 90*F yesterday. Today, we only got up to 61*F with cloudy skies, though it’s starting to clear up now at about 7:30pm. I’m blaming Linda and Toby from MI for the cooler, cloudy weather, they must have brought it with them.

Not really much else going on right now, been a slow week with work in all. I am looking forward to the weekend, all 4 days of it. Jan and I both took Monday and Tuesday off, that’s when Linda and Toby should be stopping by as they travel the Great Land, Alaska. I also hope to get out and do a bit of hiking with the dogs come Saturday.

Other then that, and night fall never falling, light all night long, not much else.

Here are a few photos of some of the wild flowers around the house.

Not sure what this is, anyone know?

Dog Rose

Lilac, not really a wild flower, but still in the yard.

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Few more photos

Posting a few more photos from yesterday, yes, I took a shit load.
Something sort of new for me is that I’m getting interested in the wild flowers of the area. I guess I really didn’t pay much attention to them back in Michigan. I did have some interest, I just think that I grew up with them, that I didn’t care what they were. A number of the flowers and plants here are different, and so I guess it has peaked my interest. I enjoy learning new things, mainly nature wise. Thankfully, Jan has a degree in horticulture, and that helps out with all the plants and flowers around.

On to the photos from yesterday. One note, most of these, and those posted yesterday, were taken above 2000 ft, above the tree line.

More back country views

A distant waterfall

Beaver pond, close-up. There are quite a few beaver ponds around, all very simular to this.

More wild flowers

Another Lupine

On the drive home, I took a right on a side road, and came across this Russian Orthodox Church

One last photo from this afternoon at Wasilla Lake Park. Yes, swimming season in here in Alaska.

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Hatcher Pass Walk-About

Headed out this morning with the dogs for a little hike around Government Peak / Hatcher Pass area. I thought it would be a bit cool up there, being over 2000 feet, but no, it was hotter than shit on a shingle. We only had a couple hours today, Jan needed the Jeep for work in all, so we really didn’t explore as far as I would have liked, but it did allow me to see what the hike may have been if I had the time. Next time, and there will be a next time, I pack a lunch and hike up the mountain.

I’m still hunting for “my spot” to sit, relax, and just enjoy.

I can’t believe the temps today, we’ve have a high of 85.1*F. WOW! The good part of this heat is that there isn’t any humidity to make it feel crappy, just damn nice. Now granted, these temps are at our house and not the norm for the area. We are protected from any wind and the heat tends to build. No matter what, Alaska summers are great!

I took a ton of photos today, here are a good bunch for ya. I’ll sort through the rest tomorrow and post em.

Views from the hike

Little Susitna River

Beaver Pond

Some wild flowers and plants

Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria Camschatcensis)

Nootka Lupine (Lupinus Nootkatensis)

Chiming Bells (Mertensia Paniculata)

Yellow Paintbrush (Castilleja unalaschensis)

False Hellebore (Veratrum Eschscholtzii)


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Daily Sun Times

06.05.09       Rise            Set

Actual Time:  4:22 AM  11:31 PM
Civil Twilight:  All Night
Nautical Twilight:  All Night
Astronomical Twilight:  All Night

Length Of Visible Light:  24 Hours


Time to play, time to work, time to sleep, time to eat. Is there ever enough time? Not here, not now, not this summer. I just don’t seem to have enough time to do the things that I want, or need, to do. One of the things I haven’t had time to do is get out and take some photos, so today I just shot some from around the house. As I type this, I’m eating, watching the Red Wings, thinking of things to say. Hmm, things to say, well, there just isn’t enough time, even if it’s light 24 hours, one does have to sleep at some point, I guess that’s what winter is for. 🙂

I guess I’m really not making much sense, so I’ll just post the few photos I took around the house today.

View from behind the house. A bit cloudy today, though still nice and warm, 73*F

Wild Rose


’til next time