Oh Man Is It Getting Nice

As I type this, the temp outside is 67.3*F, and still rising sleightly. Will we hit 70, not sure, but it sure is damn nice out. And with the sun lasting past 10pm and twilight lasting past 11pm, it really warms things up nicely. The breeze is even warm. You really can’t ask for anything better than this. It doesn’t need to get much warmer at all, not all summer, this is just about perfect.

Tomorrow I need to plan something to do after work, so I can really enjoy this weather. Guess I’ll run home and pick the dogs up, maybe, and head out for a little walk-about somewhere.

They say that winter is the tough one to get through, that was a breeze. Summer’s going to be the hard one, just getting to bed and some sleep.

Wolf grabs dog, follows joggers on Fort Richardson trail.
NO INJURIES: No plan to hunt animal yet, but the area is now closed.
Fort Richardson officials announced Monday that they have closed a section of the post for recreational use following a weekend encounter in which a wolf grabbed a dog by the nape of its neck, then trailed two joggers and their dogs after releasing its catch unharmed.
The encounter, the first serious confrontation between wolf and dog reported in the area since last winter, prompted Army officials to indefinitely close the fort north of Artillery Road in Eagle River.

This happened only about 30 miles from where we live. Ah, the wilds.

This mornings sunrise

Beauty in Chaos – Mourning Cloak butterfly in our yard this afternoon.

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Even Cloudy Days Are Nice

Yes, it’s been quite a cloudy day, so I haven’t done much at all. Was still sort of warm out though, in the mid 50’s with just a light breeze. About the only things I did today was run out to get Jan some bacon for her breakfasts, and a bit earlier, delivered my old Pentax film SLR to someone that bought it from Valdez, we met here at Home Depot in Wasilla. I decided to sell my old camera and lenses because I just never used it. I kept it because I thought I might use the lenses, but never did use them. Might as well sell it off then eh.

Hmm, I just glanced over to look at my weather station monitor, and the current conditions says “Sand”. What kind of weather is that?

Shots from today, still pretty even with the clouds.

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Phone Calls ‘n Such

Not sure how to start this post, guess I’ll start out by saying I’ve been on the phone a lot lately with friends from back in Michigan, they have been calling me about an event that has just happened. You see, there is this asshole that I worked with, I use the word work very very lightly, he never did much work, and when he did, it was fucked up. Anyway, this ass just got fired from his job for accessing confidential information at a Tribal Government in which he, and I before moving here, worked for. We were in the MIS (Management Information System) department. Now working in a department such as it is, you have access to everything under the sun on the network. There is a very large level of trust involed working in such an environment. He never had much of that tust to begin with, and I did most of the work there. There is a third person in the department, the director, but he has his things to do. To continue, this worthless skin, took, stole, information, documents, from the network for his use, or what ever other use. I also have photos of him sleeping at his desk, just can’t find them damnit. I guess I’m sort of rambling here, mainly because I’m not sure what to say about this. No matter what, I truly believe that LTBB is much better off with out Lurch, some called him that. The fuckwad doesn’t deserve to be in a job of this type, access to confidential information, for him, breathing is a crime.

Sorry for the rambling and the nonsensical, I just don’t think right when I think of this buttweasel.

Other news. We got some rain last night, and all the buds are popping. YaY! Even with it being a mostly cloudy day, we still reached 52*F. Things should be greening up nice now. 🙂
As I type this, 9:15pm, the Sun is still up, and won’t set for another half an hour or so. I’m waiting to post this until the Sun sets to see if I can get a photo.

Nope, Sunset just isn’t “there”, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a photo from last September. Hatcher Pass looking down toward Palmer and the Matanuska Valley.

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Longer Days, Shorter Nights

The days are getting longer and longer, can’t wait ’til summer.
Right now we have official twilight times of 5:23 AM AKDT in the morning and 10:31 PM AKDT in the evening.

Sunrise this morning, taken at 5:25am.

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Busy Busy Day

Slept in until about 7:30am, made pancakes for breakfast around 11:00am, napped from noon until about 1:30pm, then I saw Jan off to work. I did get out of the house though, had to, it was just too damn nice out. We reached 60*F today, first time this year. We, the dogs and I, headed out to Palmer and then out Maud Rd. toward Jim Lake. We got out for a little bit, but it was really busy out there, well, by busy I mean we saw about 4 other trucks as we drove in. Anyway, we drove out there, got out for a few, then drove back home.

Now that’s the kind of busy day I like. 🙂

More signs of spring, lots of motorcycles and a few convertables out.

Mt. Palmer

Pioneer Peak

Not sure what caused this…it looks to me like Moose rubbing, or eating the bark, not sure.
**Update, this very well could be a Porcupine eating the bark.

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Signs of Spring

Signs of spring? Well here, the frist golf course is open, now that’s a true sign of spring! I’m no longer a golfer, I did many years ago and maybe I should start up again, don’t know. No matter if you like golf or not, once a golf course opens, you know that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. More and more buds are popping in the trees, not to mention the willows, pussy willows, they are really going at it, well, at least the ones that haven’t been eaten by moose. Just in the past few days, the snow has gone whoosh, almost gone but the piles and a few spots the Sun doesn’t hit.

One thing I will truely miss about spring is the peepers, frogs mating. I have always loved the sound of the peepers in the spring as you go by a pond and hear croaking that almost deafens.


April 16. Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
PALMER ? In the Mat-Su Valley, a golf club can serve as a barometer for the seasons. Because as soon as the club comes out of the bag and the ball hits the tee, it?s spring in the Mat-Su Valley.

And spring starts today.

The Palmer Golf Course is set to open today at 9 a.m., continuing its tradition as the first 18-hole course in the state to open for business.Assistant golf pro Hunter Blake takes some practice shots on the first tee at Palmer Golf Course Thursday afternoon. The course is scheduled to open at 9a.m. today. (ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman) A dozen holes will be available for local golfers to play at a rate of $10, PGC director of golf George Collum said.


Another sign of spring, the clouds. The clouds now look like summer clouds and no longer winter snow clouds.

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