Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, shortest day, in daylight hours, of the year.

I was thinking yesterday about the low sun, well, if you think about it, it’s almost like having a sunset all day long. Really, with the sun at the level it is at this time of year, the shadows, the highlights, and so forth, is like just before sunset.

Today the Sunrise is at 10:17am and Sunset is at 3:35pm. Tomorrow will be about 1 minute longer.

I’m heading out a bit later today with the dogs. I hope to get some more photos of the area.

A good friend back in Michigan sent me this. Thanks Norm. All I can say is, Holly Shit!
Just Watch It, Holly Shit!

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Last night was an interesting one with all the fireworks around. I have never seen, or heard, so many bangs and booms so close in my life. Was really quite fun. The dogs didn’t think too much of it though. The photos I have posted are from our neighbor right behind us. All this going on at about -20*F below zero. The cool thing that happened was, shortly after 12 midnight, the bangs and booms were done, over.

An yes, Alaska, freedom to have fun.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, we had a low temp of -25.6*F.

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Happy New Year

So for New Years Eve I’m, well, doing nothing, although I don’t usually go out on this night anyway. Jan’s working until 11:30pm anyway.

The day was a chilly one, our high for the day was -12.5*F, and a low of -.23.4*F. That’s not the coldest I’ve ever been in, I remember sending screen shots to Jan when it was -27*F in Petoskey. Also I remember a week long cold spell in Houghton Lake that never got above -20*F all week. The cold really isn’t that bad, as long as you’re not an idiot and go out not dressed proper. And also, it’s much drier here, so it doesn’t feel as cold.

Sunset through to Pines this evening

Image at 1680

View out back, again

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Alaskan Friendliness ‘n’ Snow

So we got kind of dumped on yesterday and last night with snow, about a foot or so. That meant the driveway needed clearing, and not having a snowthrower, means that I have to shovel it. I’m out there shoveling for a hour or so, about 1/4 of the way through, and the plow comes by. It was an old plow, early ’60s I’m guessing, he starts to turn around in our drive, as they do normally, but this time he keeps backing up the drive. I get the hell out of his way as he is coming all the way up to where I had shoveled. I start ot walk up to the truck, but he just drops his snow blade, and drives back on out to the road, honks his horn, and he’s gone. That was really cool, he saw me shoveling, drove up and plowed me out without saying a word. I waved thank you as he left the drive onto the road. It probably would have taken me another 2 hours to finish up the drive. As it was, it gave me more time to shovel my paths that I have around the house to the shed and weather station and our deck.

Thank You Plow Guy 🙂

Now just let me say that I was starting to wonder about this Alaskan friendliness that I’ve heard of be for moving here. I’ve been out there before with the neighbor out plowing his drive without so much as a wave. I must admit though that it seems his plow truck has been having some issues, so I guess I’ll just leave it.

Either way, this day just shows that there are people out there that will help you out, without hardly even a thank you. I remember how this use to happen back in MI, but that was many years ago.

After I was done, I took some photos of around the house.

House front

Path along back of house

Path from shed to deck

Path to front door

Path to shed from weather station

Path to weather station

Snow on shed

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Christmas Eve Day Drive

Jan and I finally had a chance to go for a drive today. I took her out to a few of the places I’ve been lately, Matanuska River access by Palmer, Maud Rd. area and up into Buffalo Mine area. The sun was out, but it had a funny tinge to it and some clouds were making their way in. I think this was from a storm front on it’s way in from the west. Bethel has a Blizzard Warning out and I think that is what is on it’s way, though I don’t think we’ll any big storm, really no storm at all, just maybe a couple inches of snow.
Did get a few photos though, not the greatest, but got some none the less.

We also saw our first bull moose today. Just as we were driving back down from Buffalo Mine area, I saw something in the corner of my eye, and sure enough, a bull moose. He was just a young one, but still a bull. The pics of him turned out kind of crappy also. Oh well, still got him!

On to the photos. Speaking of which, I’m thinking of building a seperate photo album that is a bit more organized. I’ll still post them here, but also there.

Anyway …

Pioneer Peak Sunrise

Matanuska River Bridge near Palmer

Pioneer Peak from an unnamed lake

Across Knik River Valley looking at an unname peak

On Maud Rd looking west to the Talkeetna Mountains

Matanuska River

River Steam

Matanuska Peak

Lazy Mountain Valley

Bull Moose

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