Cornelius Lake

We headed out today to go to Home Depot, but instead of turning into town we decided to head out and check out one of the houses we looked at a long time ago. The house we were interested in, this was when we were still Harbor Springs MI, was on Wolf Lake. On the drive out there we drove by a little lake called Cornelius Lake with a great reflection of the mountains, stopped and took todays photo. Anyway, the house on Wolf Lake is no where near as nice as the one we are in now, good thing eh.

We did finally make it to Home Depot, just need some more sand paper.

Cornelius Lake Reflections

Guess that’s it for today
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Another Day of Snow

You know your in Alaska when…you get 6 – 8 inches of the great white stuff in October. Although, we do have pictures of a good snow fall October 1st in Michigan. It’s always fun for me during the first snow of the year, love it! It snowed just about all day long, mostly light snow.

On a different note, I was nicely corrected by one of our neighbors that on my post from 10/10, when I said it was Pioneer Peak in the photo driving into Palmer, it is really Lazy Mountain. Thanks Jamie!

We have desided to sell our cargo trailer, we really don’t see a use for it, and we can get close to twice what we payed for it up here. Sounds like a deal to me 🙂 I spent most of today getting what was left in it so we can get it ready for sale.

And on to some snow photos from the back yard 🙂

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Plates ‘n Stuff

There, our Alaska license pates are on. Yippe, we’re legal.

We went out to get some chinese food for dinner and on the way I snapped some photos around town.

Gertie got a new look today 🙂

Wasilla just before sunset

Wasilla Lake just before sunset

View from the back…again

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Just More Daily Stuff

Spent some of today splitting wood, though much easier to split than the wood from Michigan (Alaska’s hardwood is Birch), it was still a bit tough for the first time of the year.

Took a couple photos from the yard showing the mountains out back and where the sun is at “high noon” this time of year. If you were to stand facing west and hold your watch so that 12 is west, the sun is about at 10. Fairly low in the sky. The photo I took was right into the sun, and you can just see the height it’s at.

We had a window replaced on the house today, it was cracked when we moved in and the landlord had it replaced. The guy that came to replace the window was from Detroit. Said he came here for a 2 week vacation, that was 16 years ago. He never went back from vacation.

The weather man is calling for snow again tonight and tomorrow… Snow Report from ADN
Quite an early start of winter, even for here. People are rushing to get thier studded tires on due to the early start.

I’m also about to start my next big project, refinishing an armoire that was my grand fathers. My mom had stained it red many years ago and I want to get it back to, or at least close, to original.

This is in the same spot as some of the other’s I have taken from home.

That’s if for now, need to start a fire.


Knik, Houston and Willow

Did a bit of exploring again today. We headed off to find the Knik Glacier that I have read that you can drive up to, via the river bed. We drove along Knik River Rd. in search of somewhere to access the river bed, the only place we saw was miles back and didn’t think that was the right spot. So, in other words, we didn’t make it to the glacier, another day maybe in the Jeep. We did stop at a nice waterfall, Pioneer Falls. I have no idea the height of the falls, but it came down a pretty good mountain side. The photos I took follow.

We then headed off north toward Houston then Willow. I didn’t get more photos, hmm. Anyway, just about as you come into Houston there are about 5 or 6 fireworks stores, all in a small area. I don’t know about these stores but through out the Matanuska-Susitna Borough no fireworks are alowed, so how these are there I have no idea. We drove as far as Willow/Willow Fishhook Rd., which is closed this time of year. Then turned down a road that wanders through a bunch of lakes, Nancy Lake area. No mountains, but quite a pretty area. And yes, they did get quite a bit of snow in the Willow area. Most had melted already, but on one road we had to drive through some deep slush that hadn’t been plowed.

Well, we did enough driving for the day so headed home to get some dinner.

Here are the shots of Pioneer Falls

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Just a bit of weather for us tonight and tomorrow. We live right between Anchorage and Willow.

Anchorage Advisories

Warning Description: High Wind Warning

Warning Date: 12:56 PM AKDT on October 9, 2008

WarningSum: …High Wind Warning Remains In Effect From 7 Pm This Evening To
8 Am Akdt Friday Along Turnagain Arm And Higher Elevations…

Warning Message:A High Wind Warning remains in effect from 7 PM this evening to
8 am akdt Friday along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations.
A strong front approaching the area from the south will bring
locally very strong winds this evening into early Friday
morning. Southeast winds gusting to 85 mph will develop this
evening along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations.
A High Wind Warning means a hazardous high wind event is expected
or occurring. People are urged to secure loose objects that could
be blown around or damaged by the wind.

Willow Advisories

Warning Description: Winter Weather Advisory

Warning Date: 3:40 PM AKDT on October 9, 2008

WarningSum: …Winter Weather Advisory In Effect Until Midnight Akdt
Tonight For West Of The Parks Highway…

Warning Message:The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a Winter
Weather Advisory for snow for areas west of Parks Highway…
which is in effect until midnight akdt tonight.
5 to 8 inches of snow is expected this evening west of the Parks
Highway. Snow will taper off and possibly mix with rain after
A Winter Weather Advisory means winter weather conditions are
imminent or highly likely. Be prepared for slippery roads and
limited visibilities…and use caution while traveling.

That’s all for today.


Digging for Papers

Today we thought it was about time we got our AK licences and plates, you have to get them within 90 days of arrival. Reading up on what we needed we found out that we have to present your vehicle title along with registration and insurance. Well, we had to really search for the titles in all the box of stuff we still haven’t gone through. That took quite a bit of time and we weren’t able to get to the office in time, tis ok, we have time. Alaska has a funny law, I think anyway, that you can keep your existing driver license from another state and get one for Alaska also. But, if you choose to do this, you have to take a road test. If you don’t want to take the road test you must surrender your out of state license, we choose the later. A new license only costs $20 too. The registration cost is a flat rate based on year of vehicle and class, my Jeep will cost $70 and Jan’s truck will be $80. These are both good for 2 years, not just 1.

I have another job interview this coming Monday at 2:00. I have so many apps in right now that I have a hard time keeping track. The job market is really wide open up here, meaning, there are lots. With so many jobs out there, I’m sure something will be coming my way soon. Besides that, I’ve only started looking for little over a week now.

There is still a little bit of snow on the ground today, most melted, and the sun came out late in the after noon so I got another shot out our back toward Talkeena Mountains.

’till next time

Couple More Snow Shots

Just before leaving the house today I took these photos. Not a bad snow fall for October eh. I figure about 3 inches total for today.

Fun stuff hehe

Laters all