*** Winter Weather Advisory ***

Statement as of 4:03 PM AST on November 29, 2008

… Winter Weather Advisory for snow in effect until 3 PM akst

The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a Winter
Weather Advisory for snow… which is in effect until 3 PM akst

Snow will continue to fall through Sunday afternoon. Snowfall
intensity will increase this evening with 4 to 8 inches expected to
fall overnight. Storm total snow accumulations by Sunday afternoon
are expected to range from 6 to 12 inches with highest amounts on
the hillside.

You may notice this is called an Advisory, not a storm, not a heavy snow, nothing more than an Advisory. Back in MI this would have been called a storm.

Being Sunday tomorrow, our road most likely won’t be plowed, not until Monday at the earliest. That’s how I remember snows and in my opinion, that’s the way it should be. We don’t live on any kind of through road, in fact, it’s a dead end road and we’re at the end. From what I have heard, this years snow has come earler and more of it than normal, or at least back to the way it was at one time. If it’s going to be winter, we might as will have snow eh.

This was taken at 5:50pm, quite dark out, f/4 10s ISO 800 RAW DNG. It’s just to show the snow at this time of day and how much we have gotten today, mostly anyway.

’til next time


So I dug out the Bumpjumers the other day. I don’t think many people around here have seem one, if any. We are thinking of taking them up to Hatcher Pass on Thanksgiving. During the weekends it is very busy up there and we have heard that on Thanksgiving a lot of people head up to ski, board and slide on the hills. Looks like fun!

This one I bought as a kid. This is the original design.

This one I made from an old rental ski

One of the many hills

’til next time

Leftover Frost

Took a quick drive down to the Hay Flats again today, only went a bit further down to the Knik River (found the correct road). Most the frost had been blown away, kind of a windy day, but down here there was still quite a bit of the frost remaining. The frost is so thick, it looks like snow. I’ve only seen this a few times back in Michigan. I just find it fascinating.

Anyway, here are the 2 photos I took of the frost.