Things That Are Different and Out For a Drive

A few things about Alaska that is different than Michigan (now that I’ve been here a bit)

  • Morning radio alerts you of moose on the road during your drive to work
  • The roads have wheel grooves from the studded tires
  • Booze is sold in a separate store
  • Smokes are sold in a separate store
  • There are webcams you can check for road conditions
  • People don’t give a shit if you’re different than them
  • Rivers turn into roads in winter
  • Grocery store fruit and veggies are much fresher in Alaska
  • Mountains
  • TV, Everything is an hour earlier in AK. (David Letterman is on at 10:30)
  • Alaska has Wolverine, unlike the Wolverine state of Michigan

I took the dogs out for a drive and run today. We headed over to Palmer, again, then across the Matanuska River to Wolverine Rd. Followed Woverine Rd. for quite a long ways, there is some wonderful scenery. The road runs on the east side of the Matanuska River and looks toward the Talkeetna Mountains. I found a small spot with a great view to let the dogs run for a bit.

We then headed back toward home and headed up to Hatcher Pass. I’ve posted photos of the area before, but this time there are skiers up there. Most of the areas that people are skiing, snowboarding or just sliding are fairly tame, but then there are the few that risk life and limb to ski the extreme. This is just an open area for recreation, no lift chairs, no nothing, you have to walk, climb or crawl to get to the top. Looks like fun, I’ll have to take my Bumpjumper up there. I’m sure few, if any, people around here have seen one.

Anyway, on to the pics of the day

The following are from the Wolverine Road drive

Following are from Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass Skiing – Also, these shots were just about at sunset, I think that’s why the sky is so perfectly blue

If you look really close you can see some people climbing

’tis all for today


Trailer Sold And A Bit Of Exploring – I thought

’twas a good day.

A few days back we decided to sell the cargo trailer that got our stuff here. Put it on Craigslist then in the local papers. We got 2 responses yesterday and 1 today. The guy today is moving back to Texas after 16 years and said this is the perfect size, same size trailer he moved here with. He bought it on the spot! YaY. That’s the really good news. I thought it was sold, but he didn’t follow through. Damnit!

Earlier in the day we went off to explore again. Headed north by northwest to see what we could find. We drove across and along the Little Susitna River, really quite a nice area. Drove up Moose Meadows Rd. Until the end. Wow was there a lot of moose tracks up there. At the end of the road was quite a nice home, looked to be off the grid, but really nice. Took some photos of the area there.

We had quite a bit of time and sun left in to day so we thought we’d drive up the Glen Hwy a bit, again. Made some stops at spots we hadn’t before. It’s just so beautiful everywhere you look. I don’t think I will ever get tired of the sights, as you can see by the photos from today.

We then came home and Jan made a wonderful dinner…Yum!

On to the pictures…

Jan at the end of Moose Meadows Rd.

End of Moose Meadows Rd.

Little Susitna River

Matanuska River

Jan at Matanuska River

Kings River merging into Matanuska River

Just for fun, Road Sign

’til next time

Out ‘n About

Needed to get out of the house for a bit today due to it being so damn nice out, again. It got up to about 20F with sunny skies, after a chilly -2.7F morning.

Drove over to Palmer, it’s really so much nicer over there, to wander around the Matanuska River just outside of town. There are some nice places you can drive right down to the river just off the Old Glen Hwy.

The re-finishing of my old armoire is coming along, just slowly.
Not sure what else to say, been lots of little things going on, but nothing really big.

On to da photos

Matanuska River from Old Glen Bridge

Matanuska Peak from the river

Mt. Gannett (I think) from Matanuksa River

Another peak

Mid-day sun over Matanuska River

An icefield?

Matanuska River

With snow driffs

Cliff side

Ice flow along the river

More peaks from the river

Some ice crystals, it’s really snow, but it has been so dry that it is crystalizing

That’s all for today

For Sale

Well, we really are going to sell our cargo trailer, the one that brought our home to Alaska. It’s in great condition, with only about 2,600 miles and 2 never used spare tires. We’re asking $7,500 for it, which is under what others around here are asking for simular trailers. We just don’t see a use for it now, and the extra money is always handy.
Here’s the ad on Craigslist:
2008 Continental Cargo Tailwind, 20×8 Cargo Trailer

Looks like the day is starting out great, nice sunny skies and temps should be in the 20’s this afternoon. It’s 7.5?F as I type this.
Soon as we can get our butts in gear, we’ll get out and enjoy this great day.

Here’s a photo shot out my office window this morning.

‘Till later

Missed The Storm

We missed most of the storm last night/early today. The heavy snow stayed west of us with some parts getting about 30 inches. The strong winds stayed south in the Anchorage and Turnagain areas with winds reaching 100mph. Lots of power outages and trees down in the Anchorage Hillside area. We only peaked out at 23 mph, though I’m not too sure that my weather station is in the best of spots, think I’ll try on the shed roof.

Here’s a headline from Anchorage Daily News…

Thousands of storm victims still without power
About 6,000 customers are still without power in the Anchorage, Eagle River and Valley areas after winds up to 100 mph early this morning carved paths of destruction, bringing down trees, tearing off house shingles and scattering lawn furniture into neighbors’ yards.

In other news, we drove to Palmer today to get drivers license’s. All went well there, we now just need to bring back some paper work to get our registration and plates changed over to Alaska.

The weather cleared up for our drive to Palmer, so I was able to snap atleast one photo.

The drive into Palmer and Lazy Mountain.

Thanks all for now


Exploring Eklutna Area and Knik Arm

A great sunny day it was today! We decided to take a drive and do a bit of hiking to.

Our first stop was in Eklutna to visit the Eklutna Church and cemetery.

From Wikipedia…
…Eklutna (pronounced /??klu?tn?/) is a native village within the Municipality of Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska. The Tribal Council estimates the population at 70; many tribal members live in the surrounding communities.
…The Dena’ina Athabascan village of Eklutna is the last of eight villages that existed before construction of the Alaska Railroad brought an influx of American colonists around 1915. First settled more than 800 years ago, it is the oldest inhabited location in the Anchorage area. Its Dena’ina name is Idlughet (“by the objects”, referring to two nearby hills); the name “Eklutna” derives from Idluytnu, the name for Eklutna River, meaning “(plural) objects river”.
…Russian Orthodox missionaries arrived in the 1840s. The melding of Orthodox Christianity and native practices resulted in the brightly-colored spirit houses which can be seen at the Eklutna Cemetery, in use since 1650 and now a historical park. The cemetery is probably the most photographed graveyard in Alaska, overshadowing other features of the village.

Next we headed up to Eklutna Lake, in Chugach State Park, to do a bit of walking around/hiking. We will be back another time to do some real hiking here! It’s just plain beautiful.
We got there just in time to get some reflections on Eklutna Lake of Bold Peak.

Hoar Frost definition from National Snow and Ice Data Center…
Hoarfrost A deposit of interlocking ice crystals (hoar crystals) formed by direct sublimation on objects, usually those of small diameter freely exposed to the air, such as tree branches, plant stems and leaf edges, wires, poles, etc., which surface is sufficiently cooled, mostly by nocturnal radiation, to cause the direct sublimation of the water vapor contained in the ambient air.

We had extra time after Chugach so we headed to the other side of the Knik Arm Towards Goose Bay then Point MacKenzie. This is where we saw the Mushers (dog sleds/ATV’s). Heading towards Point Mankenzie we took a turn on a nice back road, nice and snowy. Traviling down this trail we crossed the Iditarod Trail then on through Big Lake and home.

On to the photos from today.

Eklutna Church

Eklutna Cemetery

Eklutna Lake Reflection of Bold Peak

Eklutna Lake with Swans

Eklutna Lake, Swans, Hoar Frost and Bold Peak Reflection

Eklutna Lake with Hoar Frost Grasses

Frosted Grasses – Hoar Frost

Another Frosty Reflection

Knik Arm Looking Towards Chugach Mountains

Dog Team Pulling ATV

A Second Team

And to finish things off, a road sign – Sled Xing

‘Til next time

Cornelius Lake

We headed out today to go to Home Depot, but instead of turning into town we decided to head out and check out one of the houses we looked at a long time ago. The house we were interested in, this was when we were still Harbor Springs MI, was on Wolf Lake. On the drive out there we drove by a little lake called Cornelius Lake with a great reflection of the mountains, stopped and took todays photo. Anyway, the house on Wolf Lake is no where near as nice as the one we are in now, good thing eh.

We did finally make it to Home Depot, just need some more sand paper.

Cornelius Lake Reflections

Guess that’s it for today
’til next itme