Bit’o’Sun and Solstice

So as the days get shorter and shorter, I’ve sort of starting counting the day until the Winter Solstice. As of today, it is 17 days away. On that day we will have only 5 hours and 27 minutes of daylight. But, that is the shortest day, and from there on out, the days start getting longer. I am looking forward, though I know it’s a long ways off, to summer, mainly because we haven’t been here in the summer yet.

Cooked up some ribs today, damn they were good. I have to say that the cost of meat, and the meat it self, is quite a bit cheaper and better than back in Harbor Springs/Petoskey. We had about a 4lb. rib roast for Thanksgiving, it was only about $25, back in PTown it would have cost around $40.

Bit’oSun on the mountains at about noon today

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

p.s. as you can see, I have made my thumbnails a bit larger. I like it.

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Knives, Guns and Bibles

Went out to Chimos Guns yesterday to look for a sheath for my Marble’s Knife. I found online that they are a dealer of Marble’s Knives. Walked in the door and greated by a guy wearing a side arm, still not quite use to see that. Asked him about the sheath for my knife and he said “oh, you have an Marble’s, one of the best knives made.” Then he asked where I got it at and I told him I’m from Michigan and it was my fathers. It turns out, he is from Gaylord MI and that is one of the reasons he carries Marble’s. The store it self looks really nice, lots of good things there. Anyway, he told me to get in contact with Simply Rugged, they make all thier holsters and sheaths.

We also had our first “bible thumper” come by today. Opened the door, said no thank you, not interested, and slammed the door shut. Not that I dislike religion for those that want to be part, I just can’t stand the people that push thier religion on you. If I wanted it, I would seek it out.

Following are the knife and hand gun that need some covers

1880’s 35 Cal Smith & Wesson

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Laters Ed

Sun & Snow

With our daylight getting shorter and shorter, down to less than 6 hours a day, you have to get out and enjoy the day when you can. So today I needed to head out and send a damn bank check to Five Turds Bank so that we can close out our account back in Petoskey. While out I thought I’d go check out a little lake close by, Memory Lake. It was really a wonderful day out though a bit chilly, our high for the day was right about 0*F, but with the sun out it didn’t feel very cold. The sun doesn’t get very high on the horizon, just a few degrees up, then back down. Even with the lack of daylight, it’s days like these that make winter so great.

All of the following are from Memory Lake

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What Did You Do Today?

I spent my day shoveling snow with lots of time to think and get pissed off. After all these years, close to 40, of having a snowthrower to take care of the snow, I had to shovel today, and as you can see, our drive isn’t very small. Back when we were leaving Harbor Springs we had to get rid of a few things at the last minute. A so called friend said he would buy our gas grill (only a couple months old) and our snowthrower (only used 1/2 a winter) and send us the money once we were in Alaska. We agreed on a very low $500 for both. Well, we have been here for over 2 months now and haven’t seen any sign of the money, he always seems to have a new excuse as to way he doesn’t have it. BULLSHIT!

There was a time when I trusted people by their word. Very hard for me to do that any longer. I have always tried to honor my word, and I still will, just not too sure about anyone elses.

Anyway, I think we got about 10 inches from late yesterday through the night. That’s really not that much, but during yesterday the temp was hovering around 32F which made the snow quite heavy. If it would have been 10 to 20 degrees colder the shoveling would have been a breeze. Had to get it done before Monday, ’tis forecast to be a high of about 7F, before the snow turned hard as cement.

I did get a bit of help at the end of the drive. The plow, just a pickup with a plow, but does have DOT on it’s door, came by as I was down near the end. He rolled down his window and asked if it would help if he finished up the drive for me. I said, “Do I look like a fool, go for it and thank you”. He finished off the end of our drive, waved and drove off. Alaska friendliness showed.

Our driveway after I shoveled today

One of our bird feeders

Backyard snowscape

Bush in our front yard

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*** Winter Weather Advisory ***

Statement as of 4:03 PM AST on November 29, 2008

… Winter Weather Advisory for snow in effect until 3 PM akst

The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a Winter
Weather Advisory for snow… which is in effect until 3 PM akst

Snow will continue to fall through Sunday afternoon. Snowfall
intensity will increase this evening with 4 to 8 inches expected to
fall overnight. Storm total snow accumulations by Sunday afternoon
are expected to range from 6 to 12 inches with highest amounts on
the hillside.

You may notice this is called an Advisory, not a storm, not a heavy snow, nothing more than an Advisory. Back in MI this would have been called a storm.

Being Sunday tomorrow, our road most likely won’t be plowed, not until Monday at the earliest. That’s how I remember snows and in my opinion, that’s the way it should be. We don’t live on any kind of through road, in fact, it’s a dead end road and we’re at the end. From what I have heard, this years snow has come earler and more of it than normal, or at least back to the way it was at one time. If it’s going to be winter, we might as will have snow eh.

This was taken at 5:50pm, quite dark out, f/4 10s ISO 800 RAW DNG. It’s just to show the snow at this time of day and how much we have gotten today, mostly anyway.

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So I dug out the Bumpjumers the other day. I don’t think many people around here have seem one, if any. We are thinking of taking them up to Hatcher Pass on Thanksgiving. During the weekends it is very busy up there and we have heard that on Thanksgiving a lot of people head up to ski, board and slide on the hills. Looks like fun!

This one I bought as a kid. This is the original design.

This one I made from an old rental ski

One of the many hills

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Leftover Frost

Took a quick drive down to the Hay Flats again today, only went a bit further down to the Knik River (found the correct road). Most the frost had been blown away, kind of a windy day, but down here there was still quite a bit of the frost remaining. The frost is so thick, it looks like snow. I’ve only seen this a few times back in Michigan. I just find it fascinating.

Anyway, here are the 2 photos I took of the frost.