Waiting For The Snow

Waiting for the snow to leave that is :-/

Once the snow is gone from our driveway/yard we can purchase the cargo trailer. As it is now we have no place to park the darn thing. When the trailer is resting in our yard, we can begin to box things up and pack em away in the trailer. Till then, we wait 😐


The dates. The scheduled dates for us are as follows; June 13th last day at work. I may wait till the 20th, not sure. July 10th is the day we hit the road for our adventure.

We keep looking at homes to rent in AK, but it’s just too early to do anything now. I keep thinking that we shouldn’t look too hard and travel up there, stay “some place” and look for a home then. Although, if something pops out at us, i guess we could jump on it eh.

So, in the Harbor Springs area, our taxes keep going up and we just got notice that the value of our home has gone down by $30,000. Just wonderful. Now in the Mat-Su valley, the values have gone up by 2%. It all just continues to prove what I have been telling people, AK is a better place to live.

Here’s some more eye candy…

City of Palmer Water Tower.

An Alaskan is…

An Alaskan is someone who is living in Alaska because they love living here, not because it is someplace to live.

An Alaskan is someone who chose to spend their life living in Alaska, not because Alaska was somewhere to spend their life.

An Alaskan is someone who can use tools and has the guts to live within the tests of nature and the land.

An Alaskan will live here at peace with himself and love every day that the creator gives them in the Great Land.

Pioneer Peak in the Mat-Su Valley


We went and looked at guns this past weekend. The main reason for this gun is for protection from Alaskan Brown and Black Bears. I had my sights set on a Marlin 45/70 till we got talking with the sales person. The Marlin really is a powerful gun! Anyway, the sale person sort of talked me into a Remington 870 shotgun. Load it with slugs and it can be just as good/powerful as the 45/70. It’s also about $250 cheaper and lighter to carry. I think the 870 is the way to go now. We’ll be heading back down to Traverse City in 2 weeks. So I’ll probably pick up the 870 then.

Till next time…

Starting Over

The title of this post is two sided so to speak. First, this blog it’s self is being started over. Second, the move to Alaska is in a way life starting over.

I’ll be posting again very soon now that I have this blog running.