We went and looked at guns this past weekend. The main reason for this gun is for protection from Alaskan Brown and Black Bears. I had my sights set on a Marlin 45/70 till we got talking with the sales person. The Marlin really is a powerful gun! Anyway, the sale person sort of talked me into a Remington 870 shotgun. Load it with slugs and it can be just as good/powerful as the 45/70. It’s also about $250 cheaper and lighter to carry. I think the 870 is the way to go now. We’ll be heading back down to Traverse City in 2 weeks. So I’ll probably pick up the 870 then.

Till next time…

Starting Over

The title of this post is two sided so to speak. First, this blog it’s self is being started over. Second, the move to Alaska is in a way life starting over.

I’ll be posting again very soon now that I have this blog running.