What To Do…

I was planning on getting out and about today, but on second thought, with the bugs being so bad this year and things I should get done around the house, I think I’ll stick around. Besides, it’s been so damn hot I haven’t been able to do anything, so I guess it’s time to get some things done.
Yesterday I started to pull off the fucked up flashing along the edge of the roof. I got a shorter section done mostly to see how much of a job it is, it wasn’t bad. So, I figure I’ll get to the longest section torn off today. I hate being up on the ladder, never have been all that stable on them, and if I fall, who would ever even know, for days, or weeks. Oh well I guess.

Update: Fucking Asshole! I just got things ready to start at the flashing tear down on the longer side of the house (to the left of the front door). I haven’t been up there since winter, well now I know why during winter and a little ice buildup the roof leaks… he put fucking nails all over the fucking place right out on the surface of the flashing and they are all open to the weather.
Stupid motherfucker!
This is going to be a much larger job than I thought with all these fucking nails.

Update: Well the front side of the house is done, and it sure looks hella better. I still have the back to do, but the flashing only runs about half way and it’s in much better shape, so it should go much faster. The bottom two pictures are of some of the flashing when it was still on.

Here’s another photo of a daylily I took yesterday. I tried some focus stacking on this one where you take multible shot but focus on different parts and then stack them together in Photoshop to make one image with all in focus. It sort of worked.

Saturday and Sunday

I did end up going for a little drive Saturday, it was too damn hot to stay home. Eli has been having a hard time with the heat, panting and panting, and it seems he’s missing Griz quite a bit, so I thought getting him in the cool car would help a little. We headed out Herman Nestoria Rd, again, thinking I might see some more wildflowers. I did see some flowers, but the deer and horse flies were horrendous, so I couldn’t get out to take any photos. After coming out to the highway I turned toward home, but saw a two-track to the left and took it. After driving for a little bit, and after passing a nice large pond, I came across another old concrete bridge. The bridge crosses the Tioga River. When I first saw the bridge I couldn’t get out due to the flies again, but once on the bridge they let up a little, so I hopped out with enough time to take a couple photos of the river. We continued on down the road, but it ended shortly due to a large pond/swamp that had swallowed up the trail. Turned around and headed for home.
I want to go back to this area once the bugs have died off.
Sunday I didn’t due much of anything, with the exception of some work on a step leading up the front deck. This one step has bugged the shit out of me because one of the boards is raised higher than the board next to it, and could be a trip hazard. Well, I started out just looking at it to see what was wrong with it, big mistake, now I had to fix it. Hard to explain how fucked up it was, but I got it done and it’s now in a proper placement.
Later in the day I got some pretty cool photos of a White-spotted Sawyer Beetle that was crawling on the deck.

First sight of the concrete bridge

On the bridge

Tioga River

Tioga River

White-spotted Sawyer Beetle

White-spotted Sawyer Beetle

White-spotted Sawyer Beetle

The Weekend

It’s the weekend again, so what am I doing? Probably not much of anything. The heat this year has really sucked and to add to that, we haven’t had any rain…all summer. I have a lot of things I’d like to get done around the house, inside and out, but with this heat, I just can’t do it. Driving around isn’t even all that fun, on the back roads anyway, due to all the roads being so dry and dusty.
I don’t know, guess I’ve lost my train of thought…

Noon update – I accomplished something, I mowed the lawn around the front of the house where I’ve been watering. The rest is bone dry and only has, well, nothing growing.

Television Part Two

My new TV was delivered yesterday, and I have to say I’m quite impressed with it. The picture quality is much better than the Vizio ever was, and setup was a breeze. I linked my older Roku remote to the TV instead of the remote that came with it, they are mostly the same, I just like the older one due to it having a bit more weight to it, so it feels better to me.
Anyway, I guess that’s about it for now, just saying it’s nice to have a good image on a TV again.


Well fuck! I just bought a new TV, the Visio that I have has taken a shit. I’ve been battling with it for a few weeks now, and it’s getting worse every day. The upper left corner, about half way across and down, blinks in and out, very dark and back to normal. There is also banding down the right side. So in other words, it’s really hard watching anything. I checked the warranty, but that was only for 1 year, so that was out.
After doing a lot of research, I chose a TCL 55R617 55-inch. The ratings and reviews are very very good on this TV. I ended up getting it from Amazon with a monthly payment, not a credit card, but a deal they have once it a while where you can pay by the month without any interest.

Little Drive

Went for a little drive around yesterday afternoon. Just went out Menge Creek Rd then Clear Creek Rd, and then back around to the house. It was too hot to stay around the house, so that’ why the shortish drive.

Today I didn’t do much at all, just sat out on the deck with Eli. I could have done a number of things around the house, but just not feeling like, hardly ever. I’m really missing Griz and talking to someone.

Rainbow from a couple days ago.

Sturgeon River Gorge from Yesterday

Harebell Wildflower

I so miss how Griz would look up at me when I talked with him.