20 Inches

In the past 5 days we’ve received 20″ of snow, well really 19.7″, but close enough. I’m spending this morning shoveling the drive for two reasons. One, I still haven’t filled up my gas cans, and two, I like to get a base down and frozen so the snowblower doesn’t dig up so much gravel and such. The past couple snowfalls have been nice fluffy snow, so it’s really not too bad shoveling.

Not Much…

Nope, not much happening today, mostly watching the snow fall. I’ve also dug into more of my bags of clothes in search for my comfy t-shirts. I found them and they are being washed. Also, hunted / looked for cars / SUVs online, and I’ve found a couple. I need to contact the bank for a loan first to see what they can do for me. I know what kind of payments I can do, so it’s mostly up to the interest rate to see what the amount can be.

Slate River Hike

Headed out this morning to an area I thought would be about the easiest to get to, the Slate River. It was nice out there, nice and peaceful with not a soul around. I went down river to start with until I got to where there are a couple hunting camps, then back up across the road and followed the east side of the river. I rarely go up this side because you can’t get as far without really bushwhacking. I spent about 3 hours taking photos and just enjoying the river.
I learned something else today… I need a fucking vehicle. First I barely made it up the first hill of Arvon Rd. Then as I drove down the road to the river I needed to turn around because there was no room to park without going into the few inches of snow. While turning around, I got stuck, stuck on flat fucking ground with only hard packed snow. So I got un-stuck and drove all the way back out to Arvon Rd and parked there. I guess it’s time to start hunting for a vehicle. I can’t live without being able to get out and about, it’s part of my life, and without it, I might as well cut my throat.

My Eyes Are Burning

Not a good start to the day. One of the first things I do in the morning is to turn on the pellet stove. Shortly after turning it on, I needed to shit. Well this morning, as with many mornings, it didn’t start correctly. I’m normally there to tap the start button again and it starts / fires, this morning I was there to do so. When I came out of the shitter, the house was filled with fucking smoke. Little did I know that when the burner fails to start, the exhaust fan turns off also, so there was some smoldering pellets smoking up the house. I got the burner going and opened the front door to get the smoke out. Moral of the story is, no matter how bad you may need to shit while the pellet stove is starting, don’t do it.

We Got Snow

I’m in an area that is between the big snow belts, so I was a bit surprised to see got a 24 hour storm total of 11.1″ of snow. With that much here, I’m waiting to see what the big totals will be.
I’m hoping the snow isn’t too heavy because I have to shovel it. Shovel out to the shop and shed and all of the drive. I don’t mind shoveling, it’s just times like these when there is so much that has fallen that it takes a very very long time and it’s one hell of a lot of work. Oh well, fuck it.

I just went out and shoveled the front deck so the dogs can get out. The snow is deep and heavy. I really have no idea how I’m going to get this drive cleared. And one more thing, I fucking forgot to get any gas if I was able to get the snowblower going / tire pumped up.
Oh yeah, and that fucking plow truck that was left with the house, well, the fucking thing doesn’t run.

Update 10:00 AM – Well, I got lucky, very very very lucky. First off, I checked the gas in the snowblower and there was some in it and looked like enough to do the drive. Ok, good, lucky. It started right up as normal, so I ran it with it’s flat tire to the car. Second, about a week or so ago, I had tried the little air compressor plugged into the car and it didn’t work, so I thought it was the car cig lighter not working. Tried it again today and it worked, Ok good, more luck. I got the tire pumped up and started clearing the drive. It’s always a bitch the first couple times before the ground freezes hard and there’s a good snow pack. Anyway, I got the drive done and was making the path to the shop and shed wider, but just as I got to the shed I ran out of gas. Well, Ok, good that I got everything mostly done, more luck.
So, all in all I’ve had a very lucky day so far.
Oh, and just now as I type this, the plow went by, so that’s good that it doesn’t come by here very late.

Watching The Snow

That’s about all today will be, watching the snow falling. Winter storm warnings are out for us with – “Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 10 to 14inches across the higher terrain. Closer to Lake Superior,lesser amounts of 4 to 8 inches are expected. Winds gusting ashigh as 35 mph tonight.” We shall see if it happens. I really hope it doesn’t, the snowblower has a flat and I have no way of filling it and if the snow gets over just a few inches, the piece of shit car I have wont get out. Oh well, fuck it.

A Storm Is A Comin’

I normally do my shopping on Fridays during my lunch, but I went today to beat the snow storm that might hit tomorrow. The forecast says between 6 and 12+ inches of snow with winds up in the 30mph range. Just about right on time, it is November.
So I went to Walmart to look for water conditioner salt, but there were so many fucking stupid ass people there I couldn’t find it, though I did find some peppermint spray for my mouse problem in the house. Damn I hate Walmart! I swear, most the people in there take pride in blocking aisles, paying zero attention where the fuck they are turning or going, and just plain act fucking stupid, as if they left their shared brain cell in the parking lot. After escaping from the single celled beings, I went shopping at EconoFoods, much more peaceful.

Quick morning update – I just noticed that these NWS images/maps update on their own. So, that means these are current as of this morning 11/09/18.

Sorting Out TV

I’m still working out what streaming service(s) will work for me. There are so many options available but only a couple are what I want, and or need. Even if I don’t find a streaming service that will work for me, all the movies and such that can be accessed through the Roku is amazing.
I’m also still unpacking, bit by bit. I can only do a couple things every day or so, it hurts too much.

Update – So far it looks like either Hulu or PlayStation Vue Access (a PlayStation isn’t needed) and Vue has the lead. Spectum is costing $68.00 per month, with Vue at $45.00 and Hulu Live at $40.00. I really want AMC channel and Hulu doesn’t carry it and it doesn’t sound very promising that they will. Vue doesn’t have Detroit sports, but it’s $5.00 a month extra, though if I wanted it I could just pay for the couple months I watch it. Both have my local channel.
Now the question is, do I want to switch to save $23.00 a month. Hmm