Sunday Outing

I like to go out and about on sundays, but I don’t think it’s going to happen today, I’m not feeling all that well. Also it’s quite cold out at 0°F, though the forecast is for mostly sunny and into the low 30s, but that temp wont happen until late afternoon. So instead of going out, I guess I’ll try and get some things done around the house, like sand down one of the frames I made yesterday and give it a first coat of poly. I also really need to get the shop better organized, right now it’s kind of haphazard.

Two More Frames

Today I made two more picture frames. One for the Denali Hwy of Tangle Lake photo, and the other for my white Tlingit board. They are both assembled, but I’m thinking of just putting poly on them and not sanding. I think do that it will be pretty cool looking. Before starting on the frames, I went into the woods a bit and got some wood to burn. Firing that old wood furnace up does help warm the shop up, at least to the point I can work in there without freezing.

So I put the Tlingit Board in the frame and I’m not sure if I’m going to do anything more to the frame, as in putting poly on it.

Frame Complete

Yesterday knowing it would be the last day above freezing for a while, I decided to give my picture frame one more coat of poly. This morning I went out and grabbed it and brought it in the house to finish drying. The third coat really did the trick on the wood. It was still tacky when I brought it in the house, but within just an hour or so it was dry enough to put the photo in, so I did. I’m really happy with the way the frame turned out, just wish the photo posted here would show better.

Quonset Wood Furnace

Again I thought of heading out for a drive, but it’s just gloomy and crappy out, so I headed to the shop.
I gave the picture frame a light sanding and another coat of poly, and I that should do it. After cleaning up the paint brush I headed back out to the shop to just piddle around, and while I was out there I thought, fuck it, I going to try and fire up the old wood furnace. It took awhile to figure out how the damn thing worked and what the 2 blowers did. There is an electrical box on the side of the furnace that controls the 2 blowers, one is a small blower that controls the burn rate and the large blower can be set to kick on at a certain temp, then that blows the warm air out a huge pipe at the top. It works pretty well, I just need some wood to burn, then I can have a warm shop.
The first photo is of the picture frame, though it doesn’t really show how nice it really looks. I’m sure it will after I put the photo in it. (the white within the frame is some poly that will dry clear.)
The second photo is the furnace.

Sucky Day

Yesterday they said it would be sunny and warm today, blah. It did get up to 37°F, but with heavy low dark clouds, even some very light misty rain. I didn’t get much done today, not sure why, just didn’t. The picture frame got a light sanding, a third coat of oil and it’s first coat of poly. I’ll put another coat of poly on tomorrow and it should be done. It just takes so long with it being so cold in the shop, drying times are extra long. Once this one is done, I plan to work on two more frames that are long and short. One will be for my photo from up on Denali Hwy of Tangle Lake, and the other for my white Tlingit board. This way I’ll have two going at once in hopes to finish quicker.
I was thinking of going out somewhere tomorrow, but the weather has been just crappy, not even like winter at all.
Anyway, not much else happening, though there is a storm coming in later tomorrow into Monday. We’ll see on that.

Dinner Time

The Deer are starting to get a little use to me being around now. They don’t run off too far when I come out to put feed out. The 3 deer in the background come around everyday just about right on the clock of 5:00 PM. The 3 come from across the road, walk down the driveway and then on to the feed, though in this pic they are being pushed out.
Again, here’s the link to the live feed…

Getting There

My test picture frame is almost done, a little sanding then finishing, and it will be. The Kreg Jig worked wonderful, I’ve been wanting to use it for years. Just before screwing it together, I glued the ends. Then clamped it to let it set. Also, this was the first time for using my big clamps. Now that I’ve done this one, my next frames should go much smoother.

The second photo is of all the stuff the ex-owners were supposed to pick up this past fall. Now it’s just in my way.

Another Trip Around The Sun

It’s the first day of a new year, another trip around the sun. Starting this year out with a nice fresh snowfall, though a bit chilly. Last year started out great, but went down hill throughout the remaining of the year. With the start of another year, it can really only get better, as I have pretty much bottomed out.
So, starting with the new trip around the sun starts a climb to better days.
Until next time, Peace.