Blizzard 2019 The Cleanup

Well we did end up closing at work today, so I didn’t need to use PTO to get all the snow cleaned up. In total I got 23.5″ of snow, then there were the winds that drift all that snow. I worked my ass off today, and I’m feeling it. I got the driveway completed and also two paths, one to the propane tank and the other to feed the deer. Tomorrow at some point, early I hope, I have to get on the roof again. The fucking spot above the guest bedroom is leaking again. Oh, and going along with that, I still have not heard a word from the ex-owner about my email, not a fucking thing. Anyway, I got finished with all the blizzard cleanup a little after 3:00 PM (started at 7:30 AM), sat down to watch some Tiger Baseball and fell asleep.
I took a number of photo during the day, following are a few of them.

Snowblower cutting through the drift

Snowblower cutting through the drift

Snowblower cutting through the drift


Subie with wings

Subie with wings

First look out this morning


This is the first time in many years that I’ve seen a snow storm like the one we’re having today. There are blizzard warnings through most the UP with heavy snow falling. As of 1:00 PM, 15 inches has fallen here at the house. The first foot or so of snow was/is very wet and heavy, so I went out and cleared most of the driveway before it turned into white cement. Also, I just wanted to be outside in the blizzard, something I really enjoy and there isn’t much of that these days. I know I’ll be out there again tomorrow doing the drive, but at least it won’t be as hard to do as if I hadn’t done it at all today.

Update: I took my last measurement for the day/night at 6:00 PM and I’ve got 22″ so far and it’s still coming down hard. My double windows in the living room are almost blocked by snow. The bird feeders are encased in a snow drift. It looks like if we have work tomorrow or not, I will be taking the day off to dig out. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

Eli The Bird Whisperer

This is a new one for Eli. He’s outside, then I hear him howling, so I go out to see what’s up. Normally he will howl if he hears a siren, no siren this time. I stood there for a few and realized he was howling with the birds. Every time the birds would sing, Eli would howl with them.
Eli the bird whisperer.

No Sleep…Again

This is the second time this week I have woken up coughing with a tickle in my throat that won’t go away. With being quite busy yesterday and having to work quite late into the evening (I was informed that the Tribal Council primary list needed to be posted by midnight and didn’t get the list until around 9:00 PM), I was tired and felt like I could really sleep. No Dice. So I’ve fired up the pellet stove and made coffee. The pellet stove, well yesterday I picked up 4 bags of pellets from Tractor Supply and I have to say that they are much better quality than the stuff I’ve been burning, they even look different. They seem to burn hotter and with less ash. I only have 4 40# bags left of the 2 tons I got last fall, so I’m thinking I’ll start getting a few bags every Friday when I go shopping. I can make one bag last almost 3 days now ever since I’ve worked/fixed/cleaned the pellet stove.

Half Day Off

I took this afternoon off to get some things done before the snowstorm. I got the remaining ice off the roof and fixed (finally) the snowblower tire. I also got my grocery shopping done. I was planning on only getting the shopping and ice done today, then the snowblower tomorrow, but the storm is going to hit sooner so I did both today. Was a nice sunny warm day, we hit 38°F.

It doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere this weekend.
So let’s see, 12-23 inches of snow in the next couple days. Then add in some winds at 45 MPH and this could be the making of a fun storm.



Light to moderate snow expected during the day Saturday. Accumulations during this period are expected to be 2 to 5 inches. Beginning Saturday night, heavy snow and mixed precipitation is likely. Total snow accumulations of 10 to 18 inches, except 9 to 12 inches from Marquette to Skandia. Winds could gust as high as 45 mph on Sunday, leading to areas of blowing and drifting snow, especially near Lake Superior.

Another Drive Up The Keweenaw

Took a needed day out of the house, so with it being winter and not many places to go, a drive in the Keweenaw was the call. I was hoping to get some nice ice photos, but the snowbanks along the road were so high I couldn’t hardly even see the lake. There were a number of areas that looked like they got pretty drifted in with very high banks on both sides of the road.
Anyway, the drive was really pretty, especially along US-41 just south of Copper Harbor.


Marina Rd in Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Roof Shoveling Day

Getting pooped out already. I have the roof about 1/3rd done, but it’s taking a bit as it’s almost waist deep up there. 🤓

The Roof Is Done! I think it’s a 4 ibuprofen night. I tried my best to not slide down too much snow in front of my front windows, there still was quite a bit, so that had to be removed to. Ugh.