Four Day Weekend

I took Friday off this week to go along with Thursday, Independence Day. Not sure why I took it off, holiday weekends are busy as fuck. I’m sure I’ll find something to do, just don’t know what yet.

Old US-41 and More

Headed out to start the day on Old US-41 today with Eli, it’s been a few years since I’ve driven it.
The old bridge over Sturgeon River is always a bit strange with it being a narrow two-track at both ends. Beyond the bridge there is a long up hill, then back down in to some pretty deep and muddy holes. The Subie is like a tank going the the mud holes, with mud and water about a quarter way up the doors.
No photos of the mud holes, I was too busy driving. 😬

Once we came back out to the current US-41, I crossed onto King Lake Rd. That turned out to be a dead end at a small camp ground on the lake. During that little drive I crossed the old Soo Line Railroad tracks.

After that, headed back out to the main road then turned on Old Michigan 28. Found a turn that said Vermilac Lake Public Access. This turned out to be a very pretty spot. It’s also the only area we got out and did some walking around. Every other spot I stopped at the deer flies where thick as mud and biting as if they haven’t eaten this year.

Next jaunt I took was back up to the current US-28, turned west on Section 16 Rd and followed that until East Plains Rd, which is part of Baraga Plains Rd. Interesting area. There looks like there use to be a couple old towns along Section 16 Rd, but I not sure. There was and old cemetery.  As I was cruising along, I saw a sign that read Tibbets Falls, so I turned down the two-track. Went all the way until a small parking area. As I sat there thinking about going to the falls, the deer flies started to attack, so no way this time. I’ll go back there this fall now that I know where it is.

From there, headed down Plains Rd which did turn into Baraga Plains Rd, then down Menge Creek to home. About a 4 miles down Menge Creek Rd, which is about 8 miles from home, there were signs of a forest fire, a pretty recent fire. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’m going to ask around. I then carried on home.

Once home, I sat down to unload the photos I took, then felt something crawling on my leg. Damnit! A fucking tick! I grabbed it and down the toilet it went. Then quickly sprayed Eli down real good with tick stuff, threw my clothes in a hot wash and took a shower to look for any more. None. That’s the first tick of the season. I hate the little fuckers!

Old US-41

Old US-41

Old US-41

Old US-41

Abandoned Soo Line Railroad

Birds-foot Trefoil

Wild Geranium

Malva moschata / Musk Mallow

Mowing Day

I need to mow again today, and it really sucks. The back half I haven’t mowed in a number of weeks and the grass and weeds are almost knee high. The front, closer to the house and what I plan to get to first, is quite deep also. I really dread mowing these days, it hurts my hips these days to walk so much back and forth on flat land, hills and around things don’t seem so bad, that’s why hiking around rivers and such is OK. If don’t get a lawn tractor soon I’m afraid this yard is going to become unwalkable because of the tall grasses.

Update 1:45 PM – I’ve been at it for 5 straight hours and I’m done for the day. I finished around the front of the house and all of the back yard. The side/back of house and up the drive still needs doing but I can’ do it today. My hips are shot for the day, and to top it off, it’s fucking 90°F outside with full sun shining and no wind, not even a breeze.

Air Conditioning

I had never tried the air conditioning in the Subaru until lately, well I found out the other day it didn’t work. So, I did some reading on it, picked up a can of A/C recharge and went to work on it. First off, because it was dry of refrigerant, the compressor wouldn’t turn on and that’s needed to refill it and check the pressure. Took the relay out, got a paperclip and jumped it so that it was always on, this way I could fill and test the pressure. I had cold air! After that was up to par, I put the relay back in and turned the air on…no go. Started thinking and took the horn relay out and put it into the A/C spot, Yay, cold air. Back to the parts store for a relay. I got that, plugged it in, tested everything, and now I’m back in business with nice cold air pumping out when I turn it on.
It’s been hot the past few days, and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a little while. You know it’s hot when people are swimming in Lake Superior lake they were today when I was running back and forth for parts.

Thunderstorms and Rainbows

Had some nice thunderstorms later yesterday afternoon. These storms brought some badly needed rain, though still not enough, it’s bone dry up here. As a storm would pass the sun would peek out, so every time that happened I’d go outside and look for rainbows, once it did show.

Two Days of Trail Driving

Yesterday and today I took Eli out on the trails. I haven’t been able to take the boys out for rides due to Grizward being so lame, so I though it would be nice for Eli to go out and about with me. Both times he’s been quite excited to go.
Yesterday we went out and hit some trails I’ve never been on before. We zigzagged many forest access roads between home and Bruce Crossing, and all points between.
Today we went out looking for some wildflowers in a couple areas knew would have some.
Kind of hard to tell how Eli is feeling about Griz, he doesn’t show emotions like Griz did, though he does seem a little down. When we go for our evening after dinner walks we pass Griz’s grave, he stops for a bit and just looks.

From yesterday’s travels

Big Snapper

This shows her size better. She takes up most of one track of a two-track.

Wild Calla Lily

Bluebead Lilly / Yellow Clintonia

Bluebead Lilly / Yellow Clintonia showing spider



I took today off just because I wanted to. Going grocery shopping in a few to get that out of the way, but I do need to go to Houghton for the shopping as I need to get water conditioner salt at Wallyworld.
With that being said, this will be the first time Eli has ever been alone, ever in his life.

Also…The big item for today is put Griz to rest in the ground. I couldn’t do it yesterday, just too hard.
I have a nice spot for him, under a maple tree that gets the morning sun and a nice breeze through the day. I think he would like it. It’s also quiet there so he can rest in peace. Grizwald never liked loud noises.
I need to find a nice largish rock to place as a headstone of sorts.
This is so fucking hard.