I Did It…

I bought a Roku Ultra. The main, and really the only, reason I went with the Ultra was because I wanted it to connect to my network by CAT-5 and not WiFi. It has WiFi, but I don’t need to use it. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the Roku. The picture is really good and the menu is great, nice and fast. Setup was a snap, even going through my receiver and not plugged into the TV it self. It connected right up to my NAS/backup drives so I can play all the MP3s I have there.
Now to sort out the channels I want and see if I can dump Charter TV and just keep the internet.
I guess I’m now up with the TV times. lol

TV…What To Do?

Before moving here I had DirecTV for quite a few years, and was very happy with it, though there wasn’t any internet. I’m now with Charter/Spectrum with internet. The internet speed is wonderful, and it’s been a long time since having this bandwith/speed, not since living in Alaska. The problem is the TV part of the service…It Sucks! The menu system really blows chunks and I really miss the new release movies that DirecTV has. So now I’m trying to work out what to do about a good TV service. No matter what, I’ll be keeping my internet with Spectrum. I could go back to DirecTV, but would have to wait until summer when all the leaves are out so that the dish is placed correctly for good service. To go along with all this, and as a possible option for all my TV needs, I most likely will get a Roku streaming stick. Now to make the Roku the main provider for TV, I do want a couple live channels, such as the local news.  I know I can get my local channel through streaming, but it’s all about the cost. If I can get the added up streaming services with my needed live channels at a lower cost than DirecTV, then that’s the way I’ll go. Lots of research to be done.
Weather today looks like a messy crappy one. We started out this morning at 26°F and should reach a high in the upper 30s late morning, then the temps should drop. Rain should move it just before noon then quickly change over to snow with up to 4″ of the wet heavy crap. So, I guess it’s a good day to search out what I’m going to do about my TV service.


Yeah, it’s my birthday, 59 years old. Fucking yippee :/ What am I doing today? Probably not much at all. Maybe try to get some of the workshop sorted. We’ll see.
The weather is pretty nice, we got down to 24°F but with bright sunny skies, it’s warming up quick. We should get up in the lower 40s today. NWS is calling for snow tomorrow and possibly a storm middle of the week.

How Nice, Stink Be Gone

How nice it is to have a shower that doesn’t stink of rotten eggs. I noticed yesterday that the water coming out of the kitchen sink didn’t smell anymore, but I knew the true test would be the shower.

Service Dude, or Dudette

The water conditioner service person is coming today between 10 and 1. Hopefully he/she will be able to get everything back in working order and get rid of the damn stinky ass eggy smell in the water.

Update – 12:00 PM… Well the guy has come and gone for the water conditioner / softener. He tested the water and said that it was really good water and not as hard as I thought. The unit it self wasn’t even processing/running water through (it was bypassing the water) before I turned it off. So, the stupid fucks that owned the place before me had no fucking clue. The service guy said that it should help with the smell, but if it doesn’t, all I would need is a filter at the pressure tank. He showed me one and they are very simple. I have to find the pressure tank, it must be under the house as I can’t find it inside. Another thing, now that the softener is working, it will stop the rust staining on everything. He also said that the water pressure was really good and strong, that I pretty much knew, but it was good to hear. Anyway, glad this is done.


So I went to use the oven for the first time today. I knew is was a little dirty and thought I’d do a quick cleanup on it before cooking anything in it. Fuck! I had no fucking idea how dirty it was, and it smells of fucking death, rotting death. I couldn’t go any further because I was gagging too much. The cleaning will have to be done another day, but soon. I also have to wonder now if the fucking thing even works. Every fucking day I find more disgusting fucking shit that the ex-owners left.
Fuck Both Of You!!!

Kind Of A Music Day

That’s about all that’s going on today…Music.
I did make a quick run to TruValue and picked up some carpet tape (I still haven’t found my couple rolls) and more mouse glue traps. Also got the hallway runner taped down, now that was a trick as it’s 27 feet long. The hallway isn’t that long, but the left side wall is with the other side being shorter and starts the kitchen. If that makes any sense.

Feeling Better

Yeah, I seem to be feeling better today, a bit happier. I just wish I knew what was going on within me that makes my feelings so up and down.
Weather today is like a broken record, overcast with temps in the low 40s.