It seems so quiet around here without Griz. There was always the sound of him thumping down on the floor, or his big sighs, or his whining, or something, he was always making some sort of sound.
I think Eli is feeling pretty down about Griz not being around, he’s been hanging really close to me, more so than normal. I plan on taking Eli out for a ride this weekend, he should enjoy that.

My Beloved Grizwald

Grizwald is gone. He’s off to his next life and adventure.

This is the photo I saw on Pet Finder. I just knew this goofy guy…

Grizwald n Eli in the Kink River, Alaska

Grizwald at Palmer Hay Flats, Alaska

Griz and Eli in Alaska

Taking in the scenery

Cooling off after a long hike

Current photos of Grizwald and Eli

Grizwald under a cherry tree

Drive About

Went out for a drive yesterday, just couldn’t be around the house. I headed out Arvon Rd to start, and as things go, I made a few turns here and there, a dead end, and I was a little lost. Along the way as I was going only about 5 MPH looking for wildflowers, I heard water, rushing water. I pulled over for a look and could tell a river was only about 50 feet into the woods, so I grabbed my camera and went in. What a beautiful spot, with lots of large boulders and a good sized river (later on I looked and think it was the Slate River, only way up stream from where I’ve been before).
After driving a ways heading back home, but not really knowing where I was, I came to a garden nursery that I’ve seen many times, but oddly enough, only in the winter. This place is out in the middle of nowhere, but they were quite busy and looked like they had some nice plants and flowers. Too bad I didn’t have the money for anything otherwise I would have stopped. Knowing where I was now, I headed home.

River I found, Slate River I think

River I found, Slate River I think

One of the roads I was on. Saved by beaver

Star-flowered Solomon’s Seal

Common Blue Violet

Star-flowered Solomon’s Seal

Star-flowered Solomon’s Seal

Maybe Today

I don’t know, I just don’t know if I can do it or not, but this might be Grizwalds last day. I’m so fucking stressed out over this. It’s a beautiful day, so I plan to have the boys out while I mow, letting Griz enjoy the day as much as he can. Wish I had someone to talk to about this, how to do this, or if I should do this. This is so fucking hard, as I’ve never had to do this before. Two of my other dogs were much easier, though still very hard. Brook, she wasn’t well, but she died on her own. Sophie, she had a bad stroke, so it was time. Griz is still very alert, just about as he has always been, but his body is/has given out on him. I know he can’t be happy. This is just so goddamn fucking hard.

4:00 PM Update… I can’t do it. I just can not do it right now, not today.

Grizwald in 2008

Morning Shopping

Headed out early this morning and got my grocery shopping done without fear of getting work emails or calls, we’re closed until noon due to the main water valve is beeing replaced. So while at the store I picked up Benadryl and Tylenol PM for Grizwald. Oh, and some cheese for him. That’s all I can say, I picked the stuff up. I have no idea when or if I can do this.

Update… Griz is pissing blood, thick blood. That is what the strong nasty smell is.

After Dinner Walk

I normally walk around the property a little after dinner, this time I found some wildflowers. What I need to do is cover up in bug dope and walk back where it’s wet along the creek and see what I can find.



False Lily Of The Valley

Ox-eye Daisy


Pink Lady’s Slipper

Rough Night With Grizwald

I woke up around 1:00 AM smelling urine, so I got out of bed and checked Griz, he had peed a large amount and it smelled horrible. He’s diaper was soaked and over flowing. The urine is so fucking strong smelling, it’s been hard to get the smell out of the house. I’ve now cleaned the rug 3 times, though I don’t smell anything, or see anything on it, I’m still cleaning it. Griz is getting worse every day it seems. I know what needs to be done, but I can’t afford the vet bill to have him put to sleep. I’ve been reading up on using Benadryl or Tylenol PM to euthanize him, but I’m afraid to do if I do it wrong. I’m at a fucking loss. Really, I wish he would give up on his own, but he’s too damn stubborn.

Keweenaw Fix

I needed my Keweenaw Fix, so went there today. I think there may have been snow still on the ground last time I was there, not sure. Anyway, made it a fairly quick trip with a main goal of seeing if I could get to the top of the cliffs with the Subie. It was no problem at all. I then drove up to Copper Harbor, circled the town and headed back along the shore, with one stop along the way.