Snow Day

Another snow day off from work, and it’s a good thing as I got a foot of snow early this morning and had to get it cleaned up. First thing this morning I measured the snow we got over night and it was on 3 inches, then it started to dump. By noon we had some sunshine. I also had to get up on the roof again because there was another leak. I could hear it dripping behind the shower. I found the spot and cleared it up. Getting really tired of this leak shit.
Also early this morning I sent off an email to the ex-owner stating that I will not be paying them any money they think I owe them. We both signed the same purchase agreement that stated there is a seller credit, that’s what they feel I should pay back. Well, not after all the problems I’ve found with the house. No. Fucking. Way.
Around noon I headed into Houghton for groceries. Houghton didn’t get hardly any snow last night. Quite surprising.
Tomorrow will be a work day around the house to try and take care of some more of the ice on the roof. Then Sunday I plan to get out. I really need it!

Front of house


Path to shop

Can’t Sleep

Once again I can’t sleep, too much on my mind. I keep thinking about the damn roof problems and some other things. I know I just need to get through this winter with the roof because I plan to put heat tape up this coming summer or fall and that should take care of the problem.
One of the other things that’s been running around in my head is that this winter seems to be really getting me down, in fact, just last night I was wondering when the last time I was happy. It’s been that long that I had to think about it. I so so rarely even talk to anyone anymore. I just hope that spring helps to bring me around again, I hope.
I also keep thinking about what colors to paint the inside of this place and what to do with the outside to make it look better. I just fucking hate all the green, inside and out.
I could go on and on, but won’t, for now.

I’ve been trying to work on the roof again today (remove ice), but I’m just so fucking tired and out of breath.

Roof Cleaning/Raking

We closed at work early today, so I headed out to TruValue to see if they got their roof rakes in. No dice, and the truck won’t be in until tomorrow due to the snow storm. They were kind enough to call around other places to see if anyone had a roof rake, well, only one place had one left and that was Wilkinson’s Hardware in Baraga. I drove to Wilkinson’s to pick it up. This is the first time I’ve been in there, and wow, are they packed with stuff in there, they have just about anything you could think of. So anyway, got home, put the rake together and started working. I have half the house done now as I take a break and get something to eat. The rake it self is working quite well, the only problem I’m having is breaking through the hardened layer when we had freezing rain. The snow pack is kind of like a sandwich, snow on the bottom, a layer of icy stuff, then another 8-10 inches of snow on top.

Well fuck. one of the rake support members lost it’s nut and bolt, so now I’m about to head up on the roof on foot with shovels.

Okay, I’m done for the day, I just can’t do any more. I’m warn out and too fucking old for this shit.
I still have quite a bit of shoveling on the roof to do, but I can’t go any further right now. One last thing I did do was to put down some more salt where the ice is the thickest above the guest room. Along the back there was some light standing water along about half the house.
Next winter I’ll put up heat tape to keep the ice from building.

Plans Shot

I was planning on going out today, but seeing that the fucktard ex-owner never showed up yesterday and I don’t know if he might show today and I don’t want to be gone if he does.  Another reason is that I don’t have anyway of locking up the shop, that needs to be remedied and soon even if it’s just a padlock. I guess I could do that today and check if they have a roof snow rake, as there’s quite a snow load up there. Also, the weather forecast doesn’t look as good as it did yesterday, pretty dark and gloomy…again.

Update 11:30am – Went and picked up a latch for a padlock at TruValue. It’s all installed and able to be locked now. Now I can leave (not today though, it’s too late and I’ve started on other things) and not have to worry about the ex-owner getting in for their stuff without me being here, nor anyone else for that matter.

Update 1:00 PM – Well, he did stop by to get a couple things. Glad I was here. He told me that his wife wants to speak to me about the money they think I owe them, and told him it’s not going to happen, not after all the things I have found fucked up when they both said there was nothing wrong with the place. He then told me that that is up to her as they are no longer together. He moved back up here about a month after moving down to Ohio and his wife has also moved back up here, but not together. He said he couldn’t stand living down there, but didn’t say why she came back up. She is living with her mother and he is living in some apartment in Lanse.
I guess this saga will continue. I don’t need this shit in my life.

Northern Shores…Continued

Okay, so I have called a good dozen times leaving a message and also emailed. Still, no fucking call back or email. I asked the bank this morning if there was anything they could do, but all they said was that they can stop payment for any upcoming withdraws. I sure a fuck am think of doing that. If I was living down there I’d be hunting the fucking manager down to get my goddamn motherfucking money back.

I just sent this email to him… “I’m getting pretty tired of not hearing back from you guys. Even if you’re not at work, I’m pretty sure you get your email.
I need this second withdraw returned into my account…Now. I will take this else where if need be.”

Northern Shores

Fucking Northern Shores has taken a second withdrawal from my account for this month. This place has been nothing but a pain in the ass. I have a call into them, but of course they didn’t answer, they never do.

Update at 11:00 AM – Still no call back so I called them again… nothing, no fucking answer. This is complete fucking bullshit!
Oh, and to top this shit off, I went and got groceries this morning in Lanse and ran into the ex-owner on the house. He asked how things were, I said fine. He didn’t say anything about the money they think I owe them, but he did say he might be by to pickup some of their stuff they left in the shop. I really don’t want to deal with them at all.

As of 1:00 PM I’ve email Tim at Northern Shores. It’s now 2:40 PM and I haven’t heard a thing. I don’t give a flying fuck if the weather is bad, he can still answer emails. There is no fucking excuse for this shit.