Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Me, I guess I’m just going to be eating some left-over chili, watching TV and going to bed before midnight. Nothing else to do or anyone to talk to, so that’s the plan I guess.

Anyway, again… Happy New Year and may it be a Peaceful 2019.

Picture Frame

Well I bit the bullet and dressed up as if it was 40 below zero and went out to the shop to work on a picture frame. I all went pretty well, but my feet are frozen. I got the boards cut, dry fitted, and sanded ready for finishing and assembly. I plan on using my Kreg Jig to screw the corners together, also with glue. I’ve put a dado in the underside of the boards for the picture and some cardboard to fit in. I took me a few tries to get the dado the right size.

This is a photo of the frame just after the first sanding and roughly lined up. The colors in the wood are much richer than what the photo shows. I think it’s going to look really nice.

Random Road

No idea what to do today. I’d love to work in my shop, but like I’ve said before, it doesn’t have heat and very cold in there, so making it really hard to do any work. Other than that, I don’t know. Sure, there are things I could do inside the house, but I just don’t feel like really. This place still doesn’t feel at all like home yet.

Update – I tried, tried doing a little in the shop. I got as far as picking out one board to make a picture frame out of. It’s just too fucking cold in there to do much else. I have a thermometer on the wall in there, and right now it’s 28° outside and only 12° in the shop, and that’s in an area where the sun comes in. Wish I had a good powerful heater, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, here’s a photo from yesterday on just a random road.

Keweenaw Fault

Headed out this morning to go along the shore near McLain State Park and Calumet Waterworks Park, but nether were looks all that great for photos, so I kept driving. I stopped along Eagle River where I’ve taken many photos, but it was all but completely frozen over. I drove as far as Eagle Harbor then started heading back. Along the way I drove a ways down Cliff Drive because the cliffs looked nice with all the new snow.
Not much else going on, just just, I don’t know.

Keweenaw Fault.
The Keweenaw Fault is a major geological structure, a giant thrust fault. It represents slippage of several kilometers, triggered by major continental movements. The fault is the boundary between the Midcontinent Rift System and adjacent Precambrian terrain. The fault is more than 100 miles long and is more than 1 billion years old.

Shitty Weather

Really crappy shitty weather today. We had about 2 inches of snow this morning, but now the temp is up to 37°F with light rain. I went grocery shopping in L’Anse early this morning, so now I’m just basically doing nothing.
Anyway, here’s another photo of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse from yesterday. Using my largest lens, a 150-500mm, and switching my camera from Full Frame to APSC format, 1.5x making it a 750mm, I was able to get a much closer shot.
I took a bunch of shots trying to time the lantern as it was lit in my direction, counting as I was timing it.

Update – I worked up another photo of the shore very similar to one I posted yesterday. I just really enjoy the way they look.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Esrey Park – Keweenaw Peninsula

Keweenaw Rounder

I need an escape, so I’m going to round the Keweenaw today. The next few days the weather looks pretty crappy with a winter storm that looks to bring heavy wet snow (up to a foot), freezing rain, and maybe just plan rain. Not fun. So, I’m heading out today. Hopefully I’ll get some photos to post later. My plan is to use only my 35mm lens with the exception of maybe the big boy for a lighthouse.

So using just the one prime lens was nice, but also a trick at times due to having to move more. The only time I didn’t use the 35mm was for the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.

Esrey Park – Keweenaw Peninsula

Esrey Park – Keweenaw Peninsula

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Esrey Park – Keweenaw Peninsula

Tobacco River

Haven Falls

Haven Falls

Haven Falls

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas, the worst Christmas I’ve ever had. I could say quite a bit, but every time I think about what has happened in the past year I break down and cry. I’ve been crying a lot lately, and some times I don’t know way, at stupid things. I bought the boys bones for Christmas, but they’re not eating them, so I’ve cried about that. They are the only two I have to buy for. I’ll stop at that, it hurts too much.
Either way, I do wish everyone else a Merry Christmas.