Well crap. I was going to go for a drive today, but the shitty weather is moving in sooner than they thought, by mid day they say now. It looks quite nice out now, but I really don’t want to get out somewhere and have the weather move in with freezing rain. So now what to do? I have no idea, again.

Five More Days

I only have five more days of vacation and I am yet to go out and do anything. The weather has been shit, with the exception if the first two days, but I had things I needed to get done those days. Today might not be bad, but with the warmth we’ve had, everything is ugly and dirty looking. I have been happy not to have any snow lately, and it sounds like some rain for Sunday. As much as I love the snow, I just can’t get into it this year, partly because of my leg and partly because I seem to be in quite the down feeling funk. I’d like to do something inside the house to make it feel and look better, but I don’t know what and I really don’t have the money.

Once again, I’ve lost my train of thought…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.
I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday, just watched TV and napped. Today looks like I’ll be doing mostly the same. Weather today looks to be crappy, foggy and wet.

Check this out, and turn up your volume.

Christmas Eve Day

Once again I’ve been up most the night, this time Eli needed to go out around midnight. I did get a couple short naps in, but Eli keeps waking me up to go out again. I think he has the shits. :/
Yesterday I did start and finish the last living room window with barn wood. The hardest part is tearing all the old crap out. It looks so much better now. I’m trying to make this place a home, but it’s been so hard.
Now, what to do today? My back seems to be feeling a bit better, but I haven’t walked any distance yet so I’m not really sure how it is. Also, it’s still a little sore around the front of my hip. I’d like to get out of the house for a drive, but I’m still afraid of my back getting stiff again and I really don’t want that happening. Maybe tomorrow for a drive, after all, Christmas day has no meaning for me these days. No one to even buy a gift for.
So again, what to do? I really have no idea.

No Sleep

Can’t sleep, my back is totally fucked. I guess I over did it yesterday by shoveling the roof, but what else could I do. I sure as hell can’t afford to pay someone to do it, and I don’t want this fucking roof to cave in. So here it is a little after 11:00 PM and I’m up and awake.

Well, I did get a little nap in, and my back is feeling better to. If I keep moving  and not sitting still for long, my back feels okay. No way can I go for a drive today, that would stiffen my back up for sure, so to keep moving, I think I’ll dig into the one window frame I need to do. Doing the window will keep my moving, but at the same time, it’s not strenuous as to hurt my back. Sooo, that’s da plan.

I Just Don’t Know

I don’t know what to do today. The weather forecast is still for high temps nearing 50°F with sunny skies. If I were to go for a drive, I would have to stick to main roads due to any back roads would most likely be a slushy mess. Also, with the sunny skies and snow, photos are really difficult. I have plenty to do around the house, like more work on the roof, and I would really like to finish (start and finish) one remaining window with barn wood. The other thing about a drive, my back stiffens up quite a bit, and I really don’t want that. I’ve been working really hard with the stretching exercises my back cracker has given me, and I do think they are helping, very slowly, but helping.

Update: Helping, fuck no. I’m in more pain today than I think I ever have. I’ve been able to get some more of the roof shoveled, but I’m not sure I can do any more. The pain is just fucking horrendous, and now it’s not only down through my whole leg, it’s in my lower back to, almost tailbone. To top it off, the pain makes me breathe harder and so I feel out of breath.

Astronomical Winter

Today at 11:19 PM is Astronomical Winter. Our day light will start to get a little longer each day now, hooray. Weather today sure wont feel like winter though, with highs in the mid 40s and tomorrow we could reach 50°F, and both days are forecast to be sunny.
Today I plan to work on some of the ice buildup in a few spots on the roof, and with any luck, get them melted away. Tomorrow, not sure, maybe go for a drive somewhere.

Update: This is so fucking hard. I’m trying to do some work around the house, the ice shit, but the pain stops me shortly after starting. I really don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.

Last Day of Work

Today is the last day of work until next year. I have the next two weeks off. The weather forecast for the next few days into next week looks quite nice with temps reaching into the 40’s. After that, who knows. What plans do I have for the next couple weeks? Nothing much. I do need to work on getting more snow and ice off the roof, but other than that, no plans at all. I wont be celebrating Christmas or the new year, why should I, it’s just myself and Eli.