So I dug out the Bumpjumers the other day. I don’t think many people around here have seem one, if any. We are thinking of taking them up to Hatcher Pass on Thanksgiving. During the weekends it is very busy up there and we have heard that on Thanksgiving a lot of people head up to ski, board and slide on the hills. Looks like fun!

This one I bought as a kid. This is the original design.

This one I made from an old rental ski

One of the many hills

’til next time

Leftover Frost

Took a quick drive down to the Hay Flats again today, only went a bit further down to the Knik River (found the correct road). Most the frost had been blown away, kind of a windy day, but down here there was still quite a bit of the frost remaining. The frost is so thick, it looks like snow. I’ve only seen this a few times back in Michigan. I just find it fascinating.

Anyway, here are the 2 photos I took of the frost.



Went downtown Wasilla today for another job interview. On my way back I took these shots. Just love the frosty trees.

These are all from Wasilla Lake Park right in town.

Think that’s it for this day

Frosty Morning

Was a bit chilly this morning, -7.6F. I’m sure there are many more to come.
With all the fog in the air last night and this morning, the frost on the trees and bushes is wonderful.

Here is a shot from this morning with the moon and frosted tree.


Frosty ‘n Stuff

Was a frosty morning, literally, lots of freezing fog most the day. It did clear up later in the day so I decided to head out to try and get some photos. In doing so, I made a wrong turn, I was heading to the Knik River but turned to soon, and found a trail that heads back into the Palmer Hay Flats. It really nice back there, but looks to me that most the walking trails are only there in the winter due to it being ice, I might be wrong, I’ll find out this coming summer. There are a lot of moose around the flats. Along the highway there is a sign with the current count of moose killed since July for the area, I think the count is up to 71.

In other news, we finally got a local bank, well, credit union. The great thing is that they have kiosks (just about full service places in other stores) that are open 6am – 10pm 7 days a week, closed only Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, Fuck Off 5/3 Bank, or 5 turds as I like to call em.

One last thing, I want to thank the people that have emailed me from LTBB. It really does mean a lot to me.

On to the photos…

My Jeep (Gertie) with East and West Twin Peaks on the left and POW/MIA Peak far right

Sunset from Palmer Hay Flats – there was quite a bit of freezing fog today, that’s the low clouds

Across the hay flats looking Poineer Peak, East Twin Peak, West Twin Peak and POW/MIA Peak

Talkeetna Mountains across the hay flats

Tried another panorama today also.
When you click this image, give it time to load and scroll left to right to see it all. Also, your browser may resize it to fit your screen, you might have to click on the photo to see it full size.

One last one for Eric

’tis all for today


Panoramic Images

Something I have always wanted to do was make panoramic images, I just never really tried. Well holly crap, is it ever easy in PhotoShop. I don’t have too many photos that will work for a panorama in my collection so I choose a couple from last weekend. The photos I used were only 2 in progression, but at least I found out how easy it is to create them.

’tis all for now. I hope to get out today or tomorrow to get some more shots.


Things That Are Different and Out For a Drive

A few things about Alaska that is different than Michigan (now that I’ve been here a bit)

  • Morning radio alerts you of moose on the road during your drive to work
  • The roads have wheel grooves from the studded tires
  • Booze is sold in a separate store
  • Smokes are sold in a separate store
  • There are webcams you can check for road conditions
  • People don’t give a shit if you’re different than them
  • Rivers turn into roads in winter
  • Grocery store fruit and veggies are much fresher in Alaska
  • Mountains
  • TV, Everything is an hour earlier in AK. (David Letterman is on at 10:30)
  • Alaska has Wolverine, unlike the Wolverine state of Michigan

I took the dogs out for a drive and run today. We headed over to Palmer, again, then across the Matanuska River to Wolverine Rd. Followed Woverine Rd. for quite a long ways, there is some wonderful scenery. The road runs on the east side of the Matanuska River and looks toward the Talkeetna Mountains. I found a small spot with a great view to let the dogs run for a bit.

We then headed back toward home and headed up to Hatcher Pass. I’ve posted photos of the area before, but this time there are skiers up there. Most of the areas that people are skiing, snowboarding or just sliding are fairly tame, but then there are the few that risk life and limb to ski the extreme. This is just an open area for recreation, no lift chairs, no nothing, you have to walk, climb or crawl to get to the top. Looks like fun, I’ll have to take my Bumpjumper up there. I’m sure few, if any, people around here have seen one.

Anyway, on to the pics of the day

The following are from the Wolverine Road drive

Following are from Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass Skiing – Also, these shots were just about at sunset, I think that’s why the sky is so perfectly blue

If you look really close you can see some people climbing

’tis all for today