The Date is Set

The date of our move and arrival are finally set!
We’ll be boarding the Alaska Marine Highway September 12 and arriving in Whittier AK September 18.
The ferry trip is in 2 legs.

Leg 1:
Depart Bellingham 6:00 pm September 12th on Columbia
Arrive September 14th in Ketchikanat 9:15 am
Depart Ketchikan at 1:15 pm
Arrive in Wrangell at 6:45 pm
Depart Wrangell at 7:30 pm
Arrive in Petersburg 10:45 pm
Depart Petersburg 11:30 pm
Arrive in Juneau 7:15 am September 15th

Leg 2:
Depart Juneau September 16th at 1:30 pm on Kennicott
Arrive in Yakutat September 17th 6:30 am
Depart Yakutat 8:00 am
Arrive in Whittier September 18th 6:00 am

We desided to go the ferry route mainly to avoid Canada and the hasle it has become to cross the border. Besides, traviling the Inside Passsage in September is going to be wonderful.

We’ll be leaving Harbor Springs on August 31st and driving US 2 to Seattle.

Now that we have a set date, we have to get our butts in gear and get ready. Going to be a very busy 95 days from now until then.


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