Man it’s tough, tough finding a house and not a condo or duplex that will allow our 3 dogs. I though we had a place, talked with the landlord many times and it sounded like we were in. Then, I hadn’t heard from her for a couple days so I called to see what was up. She then told me that she had about 4 others that have applied for that rental. In all the talking I had done with her prier, it sounded like we had the place. Well, during the call she said she would be making her decision the next day, that was last Monday and no call from her. I guess we didn’t get the house, would have been nice if she would have called or emailed to let me know of her decision.

Anyway, I’ve been in contact with someone else on a house and he said that the house is empty now with no one waiting to move in, sounds good. He’s a tough one to get in contact with though. The first time I call him he was in FL and said he would be back in AK over the weekend then off to Africa. I’m now just waiting for him to get back with me on this rental.

In the mean time, I keep looking.

There is no turning back now from our move. I have put in my resignation and posted my job to our employment page on the LTBB Website.

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