10 Days and Counting

Well, it’s just 10 days until we head out. We’re having a party this Saturday to say farewell to friends. We have most of the big items packed in the trailer, though still lots to go. We’ve got our reservations set for the trip west. Most of our stays will be in KOA Kabins.

Sept. 1st, Marquette, MI
Sept. 2nd & 3rd, Bemidji, MN
Sept. 4th, Williston, ND
Sept. 5th, Great Falls, MT
Sept. 6th – 8th, Hungry Horse, MT
Sept. 9th Spokane, WA
Sept. 10th & 11th, Bellingham, WA
Sept. 12th, Board Alaska Marine Highway

Not much more to say, so much to do, so little time.

’till next time


  1. Dear All …way to go ! you are great ,your resolve is of gredat inspiration to others.
    Iam originally from Milan (Italy) leave in Marin County (outside of San Francisco)and I am planning with my wife
    Nancy ,to follow on your footsteps next Spring .
    We intend to keep up with your adventure and truly wish you the best…

  2. Hi Ed,
    I must say that following this trip with you through the eye of your camera comments, and the indformation you are providing is very exciting. Looking forward to your next posting say hello to Jan and Maddie. Stay safe norm

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