Bad Start, But Getting Better

The start to our journey was real shit. The trailer was over loaded so the truck couldn’t pull over 40 MPH. We turned back after only a few miles and unloaded some of our stuff and repacked the trailer. Hated to give up some of the things, (snowthrower, gas grill, dinning table, and an old chest) but you have to do what you have to do.

First night (Monday) was to be in Marquette, MI but was just not doable so we went as far as Manistique, MI. We got there about 12:30 AM Tuesday.
We left for Bemidji, MN Tuesday morning, arriving in Bemidji about 10 PM CST.
Leaving for Williston, ND early Thursday morning.

I’m trying to get a pic of every Welcome To … sign.

Below is the “KOA Kabin” we are staying at in Bemidji

I have a thing for water towers.

Anyway, things are looking up from here out.

Until next time,

Yes, I’m driving and shotting pictures at the same time.

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