Montana, Idaho, Washington

Today we drove from the western bit of Montana, through North Idaho, into Spokane Washington. Didn’t have time to take any pics today, only a couple as we passed into Idaho. Don’t know how, but I missed the Washington border, oh well. Only one more day of driving until we board the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry). The bit of Montana we drove today was really wonderful, just really nowhere to stop and shoot photos. It’s so nice to see lakes that aren’t lined with homes, just one here and there, but not circling the water.

Eric, I did see some, quite a few really, old “corn binders” (International Harvester) in great condition. But with the speed limit at 70mph on roads like US31, they reduce the speed to 60 in tricky bits, it’s tough to snap photos while driving. I know Norm, 10 more demerits.

So anyway, just think of yourself driving along and taking the pictures. They are only of the passing a state line but what the heck.

’til next time,

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