Made It To Seattle

We made it! To Seattle at least. And what a trip this last day has been. We left Spokane about 10:30 AM and headed west on US-2. All was well ’til we came to Waterville, with an altitude of 2650 FT, not really all that high compaired to where we have been this trip. Anyway, driving along we see a sign that states “Truck Brake Lane Ahead” we should have known by that sign of what was to come, but no, we pressed forward. The hill down, as we found out later, was a 9% grade for about 6 miles and around u-corners through a gorge. The truck’s brakes where smoking even while in 2nd gear. We did make it, obviously.

Ok, too damn tired to type any more tonight, so stopping for now and will post pictures and more details of the trip tomorrow.


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