Boarding The Ferry

Boarding the ferry today.

Here is our vessel and info about it:

M/V Malaspina

The M/V Malaspina carries 499 passengers, and provides 46 four-berth and 26 two-berth cabins, one of which is wheelchair accessible. The vessel was built in Seattle in 1963 at the Lockheed Shipbuilding yards, then lengthened and renovated in 1972 at the Willamette Iron and Steel Company shipyard in Portland. The Malaspina is now 408 feet long, with capacity for 88 vehicles (20′ lengths), and a service speed of 16.5 knots. Passenger services include a cafeteria, gift shop, cocktail lounge, solarium, and forward observation lounge.

That’s about it for today. I’ll post when I get the chance in a few days.



  1. Hope that you guys have a great last leg of your trip!

    Funny that you should mention that the ship was updated by Willamette…my brother-in-law works for them in Eugene.


  2. The M/V Malaspina, colloquially known as the Mal, is a mainline ferry and the original Malaspina-class vessel for the Alaska Marine Highway System

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