We’ve made it to Juneau, AK. Rainy Juneau that is. The ferry trip has been great, lots of very friendly people from all over the US and other countries. We ended up with a great cabin on the starboard (right side) bow with 2 big windows, great views. I have lots of pictures to post and these are just a handfull of what I took.

The following photos are from the first day leaving Bellingham.

First Day on Ferry:

Sitting in line to board the ferry.

Jan made it on sooner than I did. She’s looking out in my direction.

Moon over Bellingham.

Mt. Baker.

Sunsets from the ferry.

Day 2 on Ferry:

Humpback Whales

Random Inside Passage Pics

Narrow Passage.

Moving Home The Alaska Way.

Ocean Tribe Homestead.

Inside Passage Navigation Lights.

Tlingit Village Lodge.

Day 3 on Ferry:

More of The Inside Passage just south of Ketchikan.

Arriving into Ketchikan.

Yes that’s snow, but it was in the mid 50’s

4 Alaska Ferry’s at dock.

No Roads in or out, everything comes this way.

Day 4 on Ferry and Juneau:

Bald Eagles

River in Cope Park Juneau

Fog in Juneau

Waterfall, Juneau

Ahh, Yes, Alaska has Vernors! Life is good! And, it’s in a glass bottle.

That’s it for now. Next post will be from our new home in Wasilla.

Laters from Juneau

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Just wanted to let you know the creek you called Jordan Creek in Juneau in your photo archive is actually Gold Creek. Taken in Cope Park as stated here.

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