Getting Oriented

Little over a week has passed sense we arrived in Alaska and time has been flying. Been spending most of our time exploring the town area for shopping and such. No real time for doing the sight seeing thing, hopefully tomorrow we’ll do some of that. I usually don’t have problems know north, south, east and west, but here seems different for some reason, slowly I’m getting my bearings. My home office window faces northerly towards the Talkeetna Mountains, once the leaves fall, I should have a great view.

We’re mostly unpacked and settled in, though a few things remain in the trailer and have to be sorted. I still need to finish our log bed before it gets too cold for the varnish to adhere. I have my weather station up and running, but I do not have it posting to the web yet, something more that needs doing eh.

Speaking of weather, it’s been mostly nice and sunny during the day, but right around 5 PM it seems to cloud up and rain for just a little. Temps have been in the upper 40’s to mid 50’s during the day and the mod 30’s at night.

These are a couple photos I took today of Wasilla Lake facing toward the north and Talkeetna Mountains.

Guess that’s about it for now, ’till next time

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  1. Now the journey ends and the adventure begins; thanks for taking us along and sharing your trip and the fantastic scenery along the way.The water sprout looked like a tornado coming down, the hieght it extended to was amazing. The ferry boat appeared to be very a good size vessel, especially with the type of seas that you guy’s encountered, I could not imagine being out there when the weather got real rough. I’m looking forward to checking into your weather station when you can get in online. More alter. norm

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