Knik, Houston and Willow

Did a bit of exploring again today. We headed off to find the Knik Glacier that I have read that you can drive up to, via the river bed. We drove along Knik River Rd. in search of somewhere to access the river bed, the only place we saw was miles back and didn’t think that was the right spot. So, in other words, we didn’t make it to the glacier, another day maybe in the Jeep. We did stop at a nice waterfall, Pioneer Falls. I have no idea the height of the falls, but it came down a pretty good mountain side. The photos I took follow.

We then headed off north toward Houston then Willow. I didn’t get more photos, hmm. Anyway, just about as you come into Houston there are about 5 or 6 fireworks stores, all in a small area. I don’t know about these stores but through out the Matanuska-Susitna Borough no fireworks are alowed, so how these are there I have no idea. We drove as far as Willow/Willow Fishhook Rd., which is closed this time of year. Then turned down a road that wanders through a bunch of lakes, Nancy Lake area. No mountains, but quite a pretty area. And yes, they did get quite a bit of snow in the Willow area. Most had melted already, but on one road we had to drive through some deep slush that hadn’t been plowed.

Well, we did enough driving for the day so headed home to get some dinner.

Here are the shots of Pioneer Falls

’til next time

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