Another Day of Snow

You know your in Alaska when…you get 6 – 8 inches of the great white stuff in October. Although, we do have pictures of a good snow fall October 1st in Michigan. It’s always fun for me during the first snow of the year, love it! It snowed just about all day long, mostly light snow.

On a different note, I was nicely corrected by one of our neighbors that on my post from 10/10, when I said it was Pioneer Peak in the photo driving into Palmer, it is really Lazy Mountain. Thanks Jamie!

We have desided to sell our cargo trailer, we really don’t see a use for it, and we can get close to twice what we payed for it up here. Sounds like a deal to me 🙂 I spent most of today getting what was left in it so we can get it ready for sale.

And on to some snow photos from the back yard 🙂

’til next time

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