For Sale

Well, we really are going to sell our cargo trailer, the one that brought our home to Alaska. It’s in great condition, with only about 2,600 miles and 2 never used spare tires. We’re asking $7,500 for it, which is under what others around here are asking for simular trailers. We just don’t see a use for it now, and the extra money is always handy.
Here’s the ad on Craigslist:
2008 Continental Cargo Tailwind, 20×8 Cargo Trailer

Looks like the day is starting out great, nice sunny skies and temps should be in the 20’s this afternoon. It’s 7.5?F as I type this.
Soon as we can get our butts in gear, we’ll get out and enjoy this great day.

Here’s a photo shot out my office window this morning.

‘Till later

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