Out ‘n About

Needed to get out of the house for a bit today due to it being so damn nice out, again. It got up to about 20F with sunny skies, after a chilly -2.7F morning.

Drove over to Palmer, it’s really so much nicer over there, to wander around the Matanuska River just outside of town. There are some nice places you can drive right down to the river just off the Old Glen Hwy.

The re-finishing of my old armoire is coming along, just slowly.
Not sure what else to say, been lots of little things going on, but nothing really big.

On to da photos

Matanuska River from Old Glen Bridge

Matanuska Peak from the river

Mt. Gannett (I think) from Matanuksa River

Another peak

Mid-day sun over Matanuska River

An icefield?

Matanuska River

With snow driffs

Cliff side

Ice flow along the river

More peaks from the river

Some ice crystals, it’s really snow, but it has been so dry that it is crystalizing

That’s all for today

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