Things That Are Different and Out For a Drive

A few things about Alaska that is different than Michigan (now that I’ve been here a bit)

  • Morning radio alerts you of moose on the road during your drive to work
  • The roads have wheel grooves from the studded tires
  • Booze is sold in a separate store
  • Smokes are sold in a separate store
  • There are webcams you can check for road conditions
  • People don’t give a shit if you’re different than them
  • Rivers turn into roads in winter
  • Grocery store fruit and veggies are much fresher in Alaska
  • Mountains
  • TV, Everything is an hour earlier in AK. (David Letterman is on at 10:30)
  • Alaska has Wolverine, unlike the Wolverine state of Michigan

I took the dogs out for a drive and run today. We headed over to Palmer, again, then across the Matanuska River to Wolverine Rd. Followed Woverine Rd. for quite a long ways, there is some wonderful scenery. The road runs on the east side of the Matanuska River and looks toward the Talkeetna Mountains. I found a small spot with a great view to let the dogs run for a bit.

We then headed back toward home and headed up to Hatcher Pass. I’ve posted photos of the area before, but this time there are skiers up there. Most of the areas that people are skiing, snowboarding or just sliding are fairly tame, but then there are the few that risk life and limb to ski the extreme. This is just an open area for recreation, no lift chairs, no nothing, you have to walk, climb or crawl to get to the top. Looks like fun, I’ll have to take my Bumpjumper up there. I’m sure few, if any, people around here have seen one.

Anyway, on to the pics of the day

The following are from the Wolverine Road drive

Following are from Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass Skiing – Also, these shots were just about at sunset, I think that’s why the sky is so perfectly blue

If you look really close you can see some people climbing

’tis all for today


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