Ditch Divers or… Where You Born An Asshole?

Yes, Ditch Divers, you know them, the assholes that drive too fast on ice and snow covered roads then end up in the ditch. I really don’t understand why some people just can’t drive just that little bit more careful/slower. I have driven in snowy, icy weather my whole life, and never have I ended up in the ditch. I’m driving back from Anchorage today, yes, it was snowing and the roads where a bit slick, no big deal, winter driving, but what the fuck do some of these people think? “Look, it’s snowy, windy, icy, I think I’ll drive like an asshole and do some ditch diving and block all other traffic.” Are they in that much of a hurry that they can’t slow down and get home 10 minutes later?
I’d like to dedicate this song to all those… David Allen Coe – The Asshole Song.mp3

I got my Detriot Tigers cap today, Yahoo
I have always been a fan, even in the really bad years.
And yes, that is an old Pabst Blue Ribbon case you see. That case is most likely over 40 years old. 🙂

’til next time

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  1. ermm yeah you seem to have forgotten to tell the folks you ended up in the deep stuff in our own driveway ..

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