Colony Christmas Festival

Today we headed over to Palmer for their Christmas thingy. It was only the first day of the festival and we were only able to see the craft exbits, but it was still nice to be in Palmer rather than Wasilla. Palmer just feels more like a town and is so much prettier than Wasilla. Don’t get me wrong, Wasilla is nice, just too busy for my taste and no town feeling. Now the crafts, another thing, it was really nice to see that ALL the items there were from the Palmer area, unlike other shows I have been to that have items from all over the place including China. We also used Palmer’s post office to mail off our Christmas stuff, very freindly service, unlike Harbor Springs post office.

Palmer Water Tower with moon. Didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but what the hell.

The following are not from Alaska, as some of you may notice, but of the Houghton MI lift bridge dedicated to Seannie

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

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  1. I thought that bridge looked familiar when I was scrolling to the bottom of the page…I only wish that it was as convenient to drive over every day as it is lovely.

    Hope you love Alaska! Merry Christmas

  2. Hey Ed… It only took about 6 years for me to see these pics… 🙂 thanks again… great pics!!

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