Happy New Year

So for New Years Eve I’m, well, doing nothing, although I don’t usually go out on this night anyway. Jan’s working until 11:30pm anyway.

The day was a chilly one, our high for the day was -12.5*F, and a low of -.23.4*F. That’s not the coldest I’ve ever been in, I remember sending screen shots to Jan when it was -27*F in Petoskey. Also I remember a week long cold spell in Houghton Lake that never got above -20*F all week. The cold really isn’t that bad, as long as you’re not an idiot and go out not dressed proper. And also, it’s much drier here, so it doesn’t feel as cold.

Sunset through to Pines this evening

Image at 1680

View out back, again

’til next time

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