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Not a whole heck of a lot going on today, just been around the house. Another wonderful sunny day, but didn’t get beyond the yard. The days are noticeably getting longer, about 6 minutes per day, light around 8am and dark a little after 6pm, and you can really start to feel the warmth of the sun. We have a relatively long twilight. I remember last May, when we visited before moving here, the temp was in the upper 40’s, but the sun literally felt hot.

Something new for me, people here pronounce my name correctly. Rarely back in Michigan did anyone pronounce Nephler with the PH sounding like F not P, even my english teachers back in school said it wrong.

Redoubt Volcano Latest Observations:
2009-02-10 20:17:50
Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues. No eruption has occurred. Seismicity at the volcano is currently characterized by continuous shaking, or tremor. AVO staff were in the field today making visual observations and improving the monitoring network.

Views from our back yard, again. 🙂

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