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Today I finished our trip from Harbor Springs, MI to Bellingham, WA gallery. A lot of the photos are kind of crappy due to taking them while driving, I know, I shouldn’t be doing that. The Pine Canyon pictures really doesn’t do it justice, or in better words, the scariness.

Now I have the two biggest galleries to do, Michigan and Alaska. Just not even sure where to start with these. 🙂

Redoubt Volcano Update:
Redoubt Volcano has not erupted. Elevated seismicity is continuing and is dominated by ongoing volcanic tremor and occasional small earthquakes.

Starting around 9:00 AM AKST, the amplitude of tremor increased and has remained somewhat elevated. A regional earthquake at 10:50 AKST, located 45 miles NW of Anchorage, can be clearly seen on Redoubt webicorders. This earthquake has a preliminary magnitude of 3.6.

One of my favorite of the trip. It’s from Going-To-The-Sun Road in Montana.

Image at 1680

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