Bright, Sunny, And About 30*F

Just one great day. Jan and I headed out with the dogs to a couple lakes I had found, should be real nice come summer. One of the lakes we have known about, Reflections Lake, just hadn’t stopped to check it out yet. The other lakes, Long, Irene and Canoe, I have been to, but not Jan. This time we hiked for a ways along Long Lake, Was a nice trail. There are quite a few trails in this lakes area. These lake are also part of Kepler-Bradley Lakes State Park.
This morning it was about -2*F, but by the time we were out and about, the temp was up to about 33*F, and the sun, wow, you can really feel the heat form it. It had been cloudy for a few days, and I was really getting the itch to get out. Today just couldn’t have been any better, weather wise.

The Following are all from Reflections Lake

Jan and the dogs walking across Reflections Lake


Pioneer Peak

Talkeetna Mountains

Long Lake

Pioneer Peak from Long Lake Rd

’til next time

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