New Fur Rondy Gallery

The Fur Rondy Gallery is now posted on the main page. I need to add some more photos to day two of the gallery yet, but most are out there.

Other news. I started working on the remodel team at Fred Meyer’s, YaY! The hours are good, 40 hours a week, 6am-2:30pm. This will allow me to get things done in the afternoon and/or get out and do more exploring of the area.

’til next time


  1. Congratulations, Ed. Probably going to take a while for you to acclimate yourself to working regular hours again but the hours aren’t bad at all. As you said, you will have time to still explore your new surroundings. Thanks so much for all those fabulous photos.

  2. Thanks Rete 🙂
    It really feels good to be back at work again.

    The Rondy was good fun, though to take the photos we had to be on the shady side of the road, was a bit cool, if not damn right cold just standing there.

    I also appreciate the comments you make, it’s nice.

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