Ahh, Work And Some Older Photos

Yes, it feels damn good to be working again, and I’m not doing IT stuff, that feel good too! working 6am-2:30pm with weekends off. The weekends I really couldn’t care less about, would rather have a couple days off during the week, oh well. I was told yesterday that I should be forklift certified some time soon. That’ll be cool.

Been going through some old photos of Michigan from an even older hard drive. I really need to get a new scanner so that I can scan in all those photos I took before converting to digital. I also have been slowly working through some of the earlier Alaska photos I’ve taken. I hope to get out the next day or two and get some more photos in, we’ll see, they are calling for good weather.

Anyway, here are a few photo’s I haven’t posted yet. They are from last September just after we arrived here.

Looking across Matanuska River east of Chickaloon

Along the Glen Hwy east of Chickaloon

Matanuska Glacier

’til next time

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